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Introducing the new OakWood + Randall’s Renovation Design Centres

People thinking about any type of home renovation will find these new, innovative Centres invaluable for jumpstarting their plans. In a free half-hour in-store consultation with a certified OakWood Design Consultant they’ll get ideas, a 3D‑drawing of your renovation project, a floor plan, cost options and much more.

A bold new renovation service from two of Ottawa’s most established and trusted companies

OakWood and Randall’s have forged an innovative and unique partnership to offer Ottawa homeowners the most experienced renovation design service in Eastern Ontario.  What could your renovation look like? How long will it take? How much will it cost? You’ll quickly get answers to questions like these and much more in a half-hour consultation at one of four new OakWood + Randall’s Renovation Design Centres.

OakWood + Randall’s

These Centres are the result of a natural partnership between two established businesses with over 100 years combined experience. Both companies have earned a reputation for exceptional customer service and enjoy an impeccable A+ track record with the Ottawa Business Bureau.

“We are both family run Canadian businesses,” says John Liptak, President and CEO of OakWood. “We share the same business values and are focused on providing our clients the highest quality services and products possible. We both want to help customers transform their living spaces with a renovation experience like no other in this City.”

The new Renovation Design Centres deliver on that promise by making OakWood’s award-winning Design and Build renovation service readily available for the first time from the convenience of four Randall’s stores across the region: Glebe, Orleans, Bells Corners, and Barrhaven.

OakWood’s comprehensive renovation service is a perfect complement to the wide range of quality window, wall covering products, and unique handcrafted Mennonite furniture available from Randall’s. Wherever possible, these products are incorporated by OakWood into an integrated renovation plan for customers through the new Renovation Design Centres.

Lee Martin, Owner of Randall’s comments on the combined value offered through the new Centres. “One of the toughest things for many of our customers is visualizing their finished renovation or makeover.”  Customers often come to a Randall’s store looking for advice on paint colours, finishes, or wall and window coverings, Martin says. “It can be very challenging to provide the best recommendations because they don’t always have an overall master renovation design to guide those types of decisions. In many cases they don’t have any plan at all,” says Martin. The new Renovation Design Centres, located within Randall’s will address this need.

Martin thinks the new Centres will create huge value for OakWood’s and Randall’s’ customers. “This will be offered as a complimentary service with no obligation to buy anything,” Martin says. The preliminary 3D-drawing alone will be worth the visit, he says.  “This will help them visualize their renovation and make better material and product decisions with greater confidence,” says Martin. “And it’s all free!” he adds.

Ideas and inspiration

In about half-an-hour, a certified OakWood Design consultant will work with customers – usually homeowners just starting out on their renovation journey. They’ll brainstorm, plan, and provide three cost options based on material decisions and the size of their renovation. Expect lots of ideas to get the creative juices going.

“For a homeowner who is planning any kind of renovation this is an amazing opportunity to jumpstart their thinking,” says Patricia Liptak-Satov, General Manager of OakWood.  “They’ll get a free 3D-drawing of one room, a complete floor plan for the renovation, and estimates that use our QuickQuote™ system which are accurate to within 2% to 4% of our final quoted price for completing the renovation,” she says.

Once OakWood provides a final price for a renovation, a homeowner knows unconditionally what they will pay to the penny. “We never charge extras,” comments Liptak. “We plan everything right down to the number of electrical outlets in a room. The customer pays exactly what we quote. And they get their renovation on schedule when we promise it,” he says.

See what your renovation will look like

The preliminary 3D-drawing of one room may well be the highpoint of the consultation and one of the most valuable deliverables that a customer gets.  “The advantage of our rendering service is that it helps customers see what their renovation will look like before we begin any construction or start a tear down,” says Liptak-Satov. “This reduces their risks and helps avoid any surprises – we build exactly what they have already seen,” he says.

Bring rough measurements of the room you want to renovate and a design professional will quickly use OakWood’s proprietary CAD software to show you what your renovation could look like. In real-time, while you chat, OakWood’s designer will expertly add different material finishes and products to give you a quick idea for the overall look – and narrow down the many design possibilities.

Want to make a change or move something around? No problem. The designer can do that in a jiffy. Best of all, any changes are immediately incorporated into an accurate cost estimate. “The beauty of our custom, in-house 3D software is that it is completely integrated with the entire renovation process. If you make a change on the design or add a different product – such as a window blind system – all changes are automatically updated and reflected in the cost estimate,” confirms Liptak-Satov.

Get a taste for OakWood’s Concept Design Service

The free in-store service available from the Renovation Design Centres is a great way to start any renovation.  If you decide to proceed with your renovation, you may wish to use OakWood’s established Concept Design Service.

“Our Concept Design Service is based on exact measurements that we take following an in-home consultation with a homeowner,” says Liptak-Satov. OakWood’s Concept Design service results in a highly detailed final proposal that is roughly 50 pages. “This provides a room-by-room summary of all material decision,” says Satov-Liptak. “It gives a homeowner a detailed roadmap that we or any qualified renovator can build to” she says.

In some respects, the free 30-minute consultation gives customers a taste for OakWood’s more comprehensive Concept Design service which is offered on a fee-basis (and refunded if customers choose to proceed with OakWood as their renovator of choice).

Great for any type of renovation

Whatever type of renovation you are planning or dreaming about the OakWood + Randall’s Renovation Design Centres are just the ticket for quickly getting started. Here’s a partial list of the types of renovation you can get expert advice on – plus a free 3D-drawing, floor plan and cost estimates:

  • Additions
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • In-law suites
  • Kitchens
  • Large renovations
  • And many others

Four convenient Randall’s locations in your neighbourhood to serve you

This innovative, free renovation service is conveniently available from four Randall’s locations across the City for people interested in Home Renovations to schedule an appointment with an OakWood Designer at the store nearest them:

    Glebe    555 Bank Street

    Orleans    2003 St. Joseph Blvd

    Bells Corners    120 Robertson Road

    Barrhaven     71 Market Place Ave    613-236-8001