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Code of Ethics

What you can expect from OakWood

Code of Ethics

OakWood is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards of business integrity and honesty on every renovation project. Our Code of Ethics is more than a collection of ideals: it is a commitment to a way of doing business and an explicit promise of how we will operate as a company. All individuals employed by or engaged by OakWood will be held accountable for adhering to this Code.

Our Commitment to Clients

code of ethics

We will treat our client’s home and property with utmost respect and leave them as clean as when we started their renovation project. All work being performed will meet or exceed building codes. From start to finish we will demonstrate integrity, honesty, and the highest levels of professionalism. We will work hard to deliver more than we promised through value added services.

Our Commitment to Employees and Trade Partners

Our employees and Trade Partners are a vital and respected part of the OakWood family. We will treat all employees and Trade Partners equally and fairly. In an effort to improve and uphold the highest quality and performance standards we will foster training opportunities on an ongoing basis.

The health and safety of our employees and Trade Partners is the highest priority and we will enforce stringent health and safety practices on all projects. Above all, we will only hire certified professionals with the highest integrity and who will uphold our Code of Ethics.

code of ethics

Professional, high quality services

code of ethics

OakWood will only undertake jobs for which we are qualified given our experience and technical competencies. We will perform all work to the highest quality construction and service standards. Clients can count on us to stand behind our work and if required we will take care of call-backs while ensuring minimal inconvenience to our client.

Services will never be provided under terms or conditions that may compromise the integrity of our trade or profession. OakWood’s services will always be advertised honestly and without deception, exaggerated claims or any misrepresentation. We will always maintain a wholly professional attitude and behaviour towards those we serve, our fellow contractors, our own employees, suppliers, and the public at large.

Social Responsibility

We will strive for the highest quality in all our endeavours and always act responsibly and with honesty in a quest to be excellent corporate citizens. OakWood will foster better health and safety of our communities by sharing knowledge of new environmental developments and technological advancements with the communities we serve. We will embrace new environmentally friendly technologies and building practices and incorporate Green practices to minimize pollution and waste to reduce the environmental impact of our construction projects.

code of ethics

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