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Helpful Reports and Articles


OakWood Adobe Pdf Download our FREE ReportGet 10 easy to follow guidelines that ensure you get a qualified, professional renovator.
OakWood Adobe Pdf A Fitting Room Expert opinion on how to design a successful one room addition
OakWood Adobe Pdf Bathroom TrendsNew industry leading ideas from a Kitchen and Bathroom show
OakWood Adobe Pdf Cold Weather Caulking Solutions for energy efficient cold weather caulking
OakWood Adobe Pdf Construction Performance Guidelines Tarion guidelines used by OakWood for final punch list certification from the Ontario New Home Warranty program adapted to home renovations
OakWood Adobe Pdf Designing a kitchen that cooks – Some really good kitchen design ideas
OakWood Adobe Pdf Energy Efficient WindowsLots of information on energy efficient windows with technical information to help you make a better decision
OakWood Adobe Pdf Heating System Tune-upsInformation on both forced air systems as well as boilers
OakWood Adobe Pdf Installing Home Theaters Everything you need to know about home theaters, from components to seating to layout
OakWood Adobe Pdf Kitchen Layout Beyond the TriangleGreat kitchen layout and design help
OakWood Adobe Pdf Rebuilding your Attic Reclaim valuable unused space and convert it into living space
OakWood Adobe Pdf Saving TreesPlan your project properly and save every possible tree that you can
OakWood Adobe Pdf Seamless Additions Make your addition not look like an “add me on”
OakWood Adobe Pdf Sun Article Beware of scams and untrustworthy contractors – written by the Ottawa Sun
OakWood Adobe Pdf OakWood SOP – This is a Trade Partner standard operating procedure manual that all of our Trade Partners must adhere to
OakWood Adobe Pdf Accessibility Policies for OakWood – OakWood is committed to improving accessibility. We will put the following policies into practice as required by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.


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