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Having a home in beautiful Westboro, seconds away from the highway is the type of home many people want to get their hands on. This couple loved having the luxury of such a convenient location which is why they decided to add a little more value to their home and renovate the basement.

The 1930’s home held the style from it’s last update which was sometime in the 1960’s. Star patterned press-board still decorated the ceiling and the concrete was painted burgundy red; it was time for a major face lift. The first step was to level the floors. The basement floors we’re not even and showed many fissures, chips and cracks.

OakWood Renovations Basement Before
The renovator had to demolish the concrete floors and poor new concrete which would create the opportunity to install engineered hardwood. Basement storage areas we’re reorganized by dry walling across the Hot water tank and furnace and finished with folding closet doors.
OakWood Renovations Basement

The corner closet which boxed-in one of the two basement windows was demolished, this allowed for more ambient light to flood the space and created symmetry with the new custom cabinetry.

OakWood Renovations Basement

The main feature of the basement is the custom cabinetry which holds 3 bookshelves and frosted glass cabinet doors. In the middle  the renovator had to accommodate a gas line to power the fireplace. The fireplace adds a touch of romance and coziness the clients we’re hoping for.

OakWood Renovations Basement

The  laundry room area was closed off to make a flush wall that matched the width of the basement.