The High Performance Home

Energy Efficient

Stop paying a fortune on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. OakWood can provide recommendations on energy reducing options all the way to building a net-zero home which can produce as much energy as it uses.

Radiant Flooring

Radiant heating systems are built directly into the floors or walls of you home and transfer heat directly through the floors or walls in to the room. The most common type of radiant heating is via a hydroponic radiant floor heating system where warm water flows through flexible plastic tubing called PEX that is built directly into the floor.

Why this product is important:
There are a number of potential benefits to radiant heating over traditional forced air heating in your home. Radiant heating is more efficient than forced-air heating because no parasitic energy loss through ducts. The heat from radiant heating systems is more evenly distributed. As well, the temperatures required for radiant heating systems are much lower than heating temperatures used with radiators.

It’s much easier to control heating in your home through heating zones as you don’t need to waste money heating empty spaces. Radiant heating can also provide for a healthier environment because forced air is not transferring allergens throughout your house.