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Energy Efficient

Stop paying a fortune on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. OakWood can provide recommendations on energy reducing options all the way to building a net-zero home which can produce as much energy as it uses.

Solar Panels
Solar panels generate clean energy from the sun. They combat greenhouse gases and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Solar power is both sustainable and renewable. As the cost of producing solar energy continues to drop we are getting closer to the point where we will not have to rely on fossil fuels for energy. The ultimate goal with solar energy is ‘grid parity.’

Why this product is important:
Grid parity as it pertains to solar is the point where it is as cheap or cheaper to produce your own power from solar than it is to buy it from the grid. This is the day we can tell the utilities ‘thanks, we’ll take it from here.’

Siliken, Heliene, Eclipsall, Sharp, Silfab, Sovello, SolGate, OSM, Canadian Solar


Electricity consumers in Ontario who produce some of their own power may take advantage of “net metering”, an initiative of the Ministry of Energy. Net metering allows you to send electricity you generate from renewable sources to the distribution system for a credit toward your energy costs. In essence, it’s a “trade” of electricity you supply against electricity you consume.

For more information please visit the Government of Ontario ( and contact your local electrical utility company.