Ottawa's only Mike Holmes approved Contractor   (7,500+ Clients)

OakWood is proud to be selected by Mike Holmes as his official Ottawa partner

Done right – the first time

Whether you’re renovating a master bathroom, basement, or adding a two story bump-out, you want a quality renovation that not only looks great – it is great. What does that mean?

For starters, you want your renovation done right – the first time. It likely means superb design, sophisticated finishes, all backed by craftsman construction using energy efficient and durable products. Now comes the hard part.

How do you choose a trustworthy contractor?

How do you know if they are actually qualified? What real independent proof can they provide to give you peace-of-mind they are your best choice and worthy of your business?

Thanks to celebrity champions like Mike Holmes, it’s getting a lot easier to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Canada’s most trusted contractor

As the host and creator for the hit TV series Holmes on Holmes®, Holmes Inspection and Holmes Makes it Right, Mike has been working hard to help homeowners know what to look for. And hire the right contractor to get the job done right.

Ottawa’s only Holmes Approved Contractor

In October 2013, OakWood was proud to be selected by the Holmes Group as its official Ottawa partner on a broad range of forward looking initiatives that include:

  • Green building
  • Passive infill housing
  • Home inspections
  • Self-sustainable green communities

This marks the first time The Holmes Group has partnered with a renovation company to work with on a broad and far reaching capacity.

A partnership based on integrity

Like Mike Holmes, OakWood is committed to raising industry standards by building the safest and healthiest homes, using quality workmanship. Above all we are dedicated to providing clients with honesty and transparency on all issues, including pricing.

With a track record that includes award-winning construction, a strict Code of Ethics, in-house 3D Concept Design, advanced construction specific project management systems, and the use of cutting-edge eco products that help protect the home and homeowner, OakWood was the only choice when it came to choosing a renovator partner in Ottawa.

Trust OakWood – Mike Holmes does

A Message from Mike

OakWood Renovation Experts are industry leaders. The professionalism they bring to the table sets a new standard for home renovations.

OakWood gives homeowners all the information they need to make smart decisions—for their home and their family. And they’ve developed one of the most sophisticated systems for managing a renovation that I’ve ever seen. It gives contractors a clear idea of what their client wants and homeowners the freedom and power to get what they want, which cuts down on the time to make it right.

This partnership isn’t about meeting standards; it’s about exceeding them.

Mike Holmes
Our partnership with the Holmes Group means one thing, OakWood is a name you can trust to design and build your renovation right.

When we say you will get a high quality renovation that is on-budget, we mean it! If trustworthiness and quality craftsmanship are your top priorities for choosing a Renovator, call, email or book an appointment for a free QuickQuote™.

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