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Where to start?

It actually all started a very long time ago, far far away, in Europe but I can’t go that far back for blogging. I will start by thanking my family, primarily my grandfather, my father and now my beautiful wife and daughters for allowing me to work in an industry that actually means something as we change people’s lives in the way they enjoy living in their homes. Tangible work that makes me excited to get up early every morning to do something that I love.

Enough of that, I am a construction guy and construction workers are truly made of steel, or in our case oak wood. We work hard and are actually productive in our journey through life, we design and build things, this is especially relevant in this time where everyone is entitled to their entitlements. So this is a big shout-out, kudos to all of us in design and building, including all of our competitors in the construction industry.

More than any time in the history of construction, things are changing rapidly with the advent of new technologies in building materials, construction techniques, computers and design & building processes. Our blog will be direct and cut through the BS; we will keep you informed about changes happening in the industry as well as how we at OakWood will lead the way. This will not be a ra ra OakWood blog, other than to provide facts about what we have done to contribute to the industry. Your comments are valued and always welcome. Enjoy the ride.