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Alot has happened between our last blog post!

Hello friends! After being M.I.A for a few months, we are getting re-united with our blog. There was an article published recently that said 95% of blogs get abandoned, and frankly we really don’t want to be part of that 95%, so here we go!

A lot has happened since 2012; Felix Baumgartner completed the world’s highest skydive, Gagnam Style broke the record for most views for a video on YouTube, and we we’re shocked from the passing of pop-legend icon Whitney Houston. Now this might be all very interesting, but this is a Renovation Blog! We’re here to give you up to date information on everything related to OakWood and helpful renovation advice. So let’s get you back up to speed in relation to OakWood Renovation Experts.

I believe the most notable event since our last Blog post was the official opening of the OakWood Renovation Design Centre’s. This celebrated the launch in partnership between OakWood and Randall’s, 2 of Ottawa’s oldest and most trusted companies when it comes to Home Renovations and Décor. We even had our awesome mayor, Jim Watson cut the ribbon. Watch it here:

Alongside a new partnership we did a much needed revamp to our website. While it might look similar and kept it’s charm and beautiful simplicity there was a major overhaul in the layout and content department. We’ve engineered it to make the overall user experience much better. We’ve done so by adding our new and improved services and describing them thoroughly. We have also added a lot of useful information so when you are ready to build you will have a very good base of knowledge of what OakWood can offer you.

Another cool tool that OakWood has implemented for you the consumer is our State of the art client portal. What we’ve done is create a unique way for you to have control over your renovation. So what does this mean? Well, when you decide to build with OakWood you’ll get fingertip access to live status updates of your project at any time! Cool, right? That’s not all… you’ll also have access to a live punchlist, pictures, inspection reports, project schedule Gantt chart and fully detailed reports on what and where you are spending every dollar.

Oh, and let’s not forget another benchmark that OakWood has put up. In February OakWood won the prestigious Consumer Choice Award for Ottawa’s best Home Designers and Renovation Company 6 years in a row! Of course we would not have been able to do this without your votes, kudos to you, the people of Ottawa – absolutely, bar none, the greatest city in the world!

So after a very packed 2012, we’re looking at a 2013 that is even more loaded! Primarily because our new headquarters are being built! We’re growing so rapidly that our Navan office just can’t fit everyone anymore. We will talk about the new building some more later… stay tuned for more details Folks.