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Very few actually walk the talk…

Part of our corporate process includes monitoring competitive marking campaigns. We have a team specifically mandated to focus on this large area which includes print, web and social media and what we found actually astonished us. We did an analysis of all the marketing campaigns we found and tracked the claims that were made by local Renovation firms. Not so surprising was all the copying going on but what really surprised us were the blatantly vacuous claims being made and passed on as factual information to potential clients. Some of the areas affected were statements such as – Ottawa’s best, award winning, 3d design, false association membership, service claims, etc.

We have noticed that many Renovators advertising these claims had nothing behind the mere words and even those were exaggerated. This is not meant to be a rant but there should be some form of company ethics and truth in advertising being followed, but I assume this is now common practice in other industries as well. When we performed a PPSA search on these firms we found an even scarier storey of debt burden – that is a topic for a future blog.

Before you commission a Renovator look very closely at the claims that Renovation companies are making. Although we find most homeowners naively believe that most Renovators are the same simply because they believe what they read, we find many are digging deeper once they become aware. What is really important is to look for signs that the Renovator has an in-depth process in place to perform your project, from in-house designers to a detailed project management system with integrated CRMS software to manage the jobsite from both in the field and in the office, etc. Ask to see their process, ask to see your renovation schedule, ask to see their software and how everyone on their team accesses information to ensure everyone is on the same page, ask to see their project manager’s onsite computer and software, ask to see their Designers to ensure that they are really in-house, ask for a letter from their bank  ensuring you won’t be at risk… A good starting point is a Consumers Checklist OakWood produced containing the most important comparison questions we were asked over the past 25 years.

OakWood has fine-tuned this process over many decades and currently we have over 1,100 pages of detailed procedures in place that manage every aspect of the Design + Build process. In the end the actual process will make your project run smoothly, not the sales ad.

A slick salesperson or ad can sometimes convince you into believing their company is the “Best”. The good thing is that eventually you will find out exactly what is behind the sales pitch, the bad thing is then it is too late. The bottom line is – Buyer Beware.