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The OakWood-Holmes High Performance Home is a bold new initiative that introduces a radically different approach to designing and building a major renovation or new custom home.

We put you at the center of the project to ensure everything that goes into your home meets your priority goals and measurably enhances your lifestyle. We only recommend the most energy-efficient, smart technology, healthy, and eco-friendly solutions available today.

You get a unique, highly customized design and build solution with high-performance documented by two names you can trust: OakWood and Mike Holmes. Your energy bills go down. Home enjoyment goes up. And your home resale value soars.

Choose from a trusted source

OakWood and The Holmes Group have done the homework on thousands of major new advanced products – saving you hours of research while ensuring all innovations deliver promised manufacturer benefits

Shields you from complexity

Many new home products are technically complex and require highly specialized expertise to ensure they’re installed correctly in full accordance with manufacturer warranty requirements


Get a complete, turnkey solution

Includes material selection through OakWood’s new Design Centre, a customized Design & Build plan with installation by OakWood certified trade professionals and a final HOLMES high performance inspection to validate installation and energy efficiency

Choose products, technologies, and materials from four fast changing areas of innovation depending on your priorities

Energy efficiency

Choose products and solutions that will lower your energy costs and/or carbon footprint

Technology enablement

Integrate home automation and IoT solutions to simplify, make busy lives easier, and create a streamlined lifestyle with more time for activities that count

Healthy Home

Create a toxin-free environment for better living and work

Eco-friendly materials

Go as green as you want while knowing OakWood practices environmental leadership and builds using the most responsible construction practices

Pilot Program Early Signing Bonus

An exclusive opportunity for Ottawa homeowners

The OakWood Holmes High Performance Home is a unique Pilot Program available only to Ottawa homeowners.

We’re using a Pilot approach to work with a handful of excited people to get feedback and discover potential ways to further refine and streamline an end-to-end service that combines best practices from both companies: OakWood and The Holmes Group.

The complete turnkey service includes:


Customized design plan with photo realistic renderings from OakWood


Installation and construction by OakWood’s certified, specialized trade professionals – to the highest build standards in the City


Everything documented in a Holmes Certification Binder to provide warranty protection and improve your home’s value


Material selection of OakWood-Holmes approved products through the award-winning OakWood Design Centre


Holmes Inspection with three site visits to document installation and confirm your home’s performance (an optional service – mandatory if you are participating in the Early Signing Pilot Program)


Training on any new hi-tech products installed as part of your project

Early Signing Bonus

 Be one of the first five renovation or custom home clients to sign before December 31, 2017:


Get a FREE Tesla Powerwall 2 if your project includes a solar powered solution (or a substitution of equal value) – valued at $9,500


A 264-pound lithium-ion battery that you can mount on your wall. A single powerwall unit stores 14kWh of energy. You can link up to 10 batteries side by side to increase storage.


Receive an invitation to attend, at the OakWood Design Centre, an exclusive gala celebration in June 2018 with Mike Holmes and leaders from the local business and political community

Eligibility requirements

The OakWood-Holmes High Performance Pilot Program is available exclusively to Ottawa residents

Eligibility criteria

  •  Includes a revitalized thermal barrier to ensure energy efficiency and airtight performance for 50% or more of perimeter walls
  •  Minimum of one product from each of the four areas of innovation – depending on goals and homeowner priorities
  • Requires a custom Design & Build solution with a 3D rendering of the planned renovation
  • Includes Holmes High Performance Inspection with three visits to document installation, indoor air quality and systems performance
  • Willingness to share feedback on the process and experience at major project milestones

NOTE: we can also tailor a “High Performance Upgrade if you are planning a single room renovation, such as a bathroom or kitchen. Ask us for details.

Eligibility criteria includes

  • Complete design & build solution from the ground up
  • Want to achieve optimal energy efficiency through solutions that may include solar panels, geothermal, high performance thermal envelope
  • Desire a custom home that integrates advanced solutions from each of the four areas of innovation
  • Includes Holmes High Performance Inspection with three visits to document installation, indoor air quality and systems performance
  • Willing to share your feedback on the process and experience at major project milestones

Interested in being one of the first five renovation or custom home projects? Want to participate in an innovative new program that takes home construction to the next level?

Schedule a confidential, complimentary consultation to discuss your project, learn more about this important opportunity, and to apply:

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A personal letter from John Liptak, President and CEO, OakWood and Mike Holmes, The Holmes Group

Why are we launching and testing this unique pilot program in Ottawa now?

One reason is the rate and pace of technological change that’s transforming the home construction industry.

Even if you have time to do your own “homework”, you may lack the technical knowledge to really assess these complex, technology dependent products.

Nor can you expect your local handyman, renovator or contractor to do the research for you, far less install them properly. Frankly, staying on top of innovation is a full-time job.

Who can you turn to? How do you choose from so many products with confidence? Who is going to install them properly? How do you validate the performance of your newly renovated room or custom home? And who will train you on how to use those new products to ensure you get the full value?

We will. The OakWood-Holmes High Performance Initiative addresses these needs and many more.

This is a Pilot Program we’re testing in Ottawa with plans to roll this out across Canada and the US next year.

You get to work with the best team, best designers, best products, and best processes in the industry today. All products benefit from extensive research by OakWood and The Holmes Group –all are part of Holmes Approved Products, an established national program.

Maybe the most important thing here is how we’re going to work with you. You’ll be at the center of your project. All decisions about products, materials, and technologies will be based on your priorities and goals.

Contrast this to how most homes are renovated or built, and it’s night and day. Most of the time, materials and finishes are treated as eye candy. Instead, we’re going to help you choose products which really support your lifestyle while looking great. Every decision will be part of a customized design and build plan for your project and installed right by the pros at OakWood.

The entire process will be documented with performance validated in a Holmes High Performance Inspection.

We can’t guarantee your home will be worth more when you participate in the Pilot Program. But who wouldn’t be willing to pay more for a home that’s more energy efficient, technology enabled, healthy, and built using the eco-friendliest materials and building practices?

If the opportunity to be part of a bold new initiative excites you, and you’re planning a major renovation or custom home project; then we invite you to apply for this program today. You’ll enjoy the distinction of being part of a small group of homeowners that new way of building homes.


John Liptak President & CEO, OakWood

Mike Holmes The Holmes Group

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6. How do home owners benefit?

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