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Property Investors

Start investing towards your financial freedom today!

Property Investors

Property Investors

Property Investors

Trust! That is where it all begins. When you invest in properties with OakWood, you can be assured that you’ve partnered with a team of professionals with years of proven experience, strict procedures and an unemotional, no-nonsense approach to investing. Our past performance speaks best as to what you can expect in our partnership. We’ve spent years building up our professional network of trusted professional designers, financial investors, real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, trade partners, suppliers, and property managers.

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Why real estate?

Real estate provides a means to achieving financial freedom. Being one of the top methods of wealth creation in the world, it cannot be lost or stolen. While real estate property investments have and will continue to appreciate in value, debts are also being reduced at a similar pace. This methodology results in rapid creation of wealth and equity with a steadily growing profit margin. Our partners can rest easy while we take care of all management responsibilities.

Why venture partnering is a great option?

You won’t need to spend 3-5 years learning the do’s and don’ts of real estate investing and then even more years correcting the mistakes that you made. No property management, maintenance or repair hassles. No tenant searching, verification and lease management. No dealing with lawyers and accountants… we manage everything for you.

Property Investors


What options are available?

We offer long-term (5+ years) investment opportunities with minimum investment requirements starting at $600,000. or more.

Why should I invest with you?

Because OakWood has the reputation to get the job done right! OakWood will focus on quality investment properties that meet our strict criteria and your investment budget.

How does it work?

Fill out the Form, Call 613.236.8001 or Email OakWood will arrange for an appointment at your convenience to discuss opportunities. Your information is totally confidential and you have a reliable proven Team backing you and taking care of all .

As professional property investors, we have all systems in place to manage every aspect of the real estate management process.

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Start investing towards your financial freedom today!
Fill out the Form, Call or Email if you are interested in applying to be considered as a joint venture partner? Take the first step towards your financial freedom.