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OakWood can quickly make that “nearly perfect” home a perfect sale

OakWood can quickly make that “nearly perfect” home a perfect sale

Real Estate Agents

Rather than risk losing a sale and walking away from a nearly perfect home because it’s outdated or needs to be renovated, Real Estate Agents, partner with OakWood. We offer a turnkey Design + Build renovation service for Real Estate agents that will give your client exactly what they want. You’ll look great and close more deals.

Ottawa’s most experienced Renovation Experts

When you partner with OakWood, you get…

  • A fourth-generation family run Canadian business with over 60 years of experience in the local construction industry – more than any other Ottawa renovator
  • An end-to-end Design + Build renovation service with accurate, fixed-price costing – no surprises
  • Unmatched planning and project management expertise – ensures your clients get a quality renovation that’s completed right and on-budget guaranteed

Whether the work is completed before they move-in or immediately following is a timing issue. Either way your client is happy because the almost perfect house actually IS perfect. You get the sale and are free to move on.

Work with an award-winning builder

Over many years OakWood has proven itself to be a name you can trust to Design + Build your home renovation right:

  • OakWood is the only Ottawa Renovator to win the Consumer Choice Award for Ottawa’s Best Renovator for Best Renovator and Best Home Designer nine years in a row

Awards really mean one thing: you can trust OakWood to give your clients a high-quality renovation that is on-time AND on-budget with no surprises

Our Home Renovation experience includes:

Single, two and three storey additions and bump outs

Integrated In-law suites with separate entrances

Full home gut to studs or tear down

Sunrooms, solariums, conservatories


Major complete home renovations with additions

New second or third floor over an existing home


We even manufacturer our own custom cabinets – ask us for details!

How we will work with you…

Speed is the essence and a key success factor for closing any deal – especially one that is almost but not quite perfect! That’s why you can count on OakWood to be extremely responsive and we will be at your beck-and-call when you come across an almost perfect property. We will:

  • Assign a dedicated Renovation Expert who will be a single point of contact for you and your client
  • Meet with you and the potential homeowner at the proposed home – the same day you call if it all possible
  • Give you expert renovation advice from an OakWood certified design professional
  • Provide a QuickQuote™ with a realistic budget range based on your project requirements – on the spot – so that your client can make an informed offer on the home
  • Help you make the sale faster – and look great to your client!
  • Provide a turnkey quality renovation in advance of move-in date where possible

What your clients can expect…

  • A smooth, worry-free renovation that is beautifully designed
  • They will be treated like Royalty from start to finish
  • Give you expert renovation advice from an OakWood certified design professional
  • Quality workmanship and attention to details – we work exclusively with the best Suppliers and the City’s best and professionally licensed trade partners available in Ottawa
  • A detailed material selection process that is fully integrated with a budget and updated in real-time with our QuickQuote pricing system
  • Eco-Wise construction – nothing goes to the landfill and recycle all building materials
  • Computerized Client Portal with all construction data including a live up to date project schedule – you can follow along as well
  • They will never get surprises or pay for “extras” that they do not authorize in writing

Be part of a team that will promote you!

OakWood leads all Renovators in the city with high-visibility, high-impact marketing programs. We will help market your Real Estate practice or business to new clients with separate campaigns that include:

  • Promoting your business on our many and growing list of websites
  • At Home Shows – we participate aggressively in them all
  • In our many marketing materials including brochures and proposals

Get fast and accurate pricing to close more deals quickly

A key benefit of working with OakWood is that we will provide you with accurate pricing from our first meeting using our unique QuickQuote™

QuickQuote™, available exclusively from OakWood:

  • Uses proprietary, construction specific software
  • Provides costs that are accurate to within 2% to 4% of our final, fixed- price FullQuote
  • Provides three realistic budgets
  • Works for any size of renovation project: small rooms to an entire home

When your client is ready to build, OakWood provides a final fixed-price FullQuote:

  • Also ideal if your customer has a budget in mind or is ready to build
  • Provides a detailed, 50 to 150 page fixed-price proposal with every product itemized, right down to the doorstoppers
  • This service is Free if you partner with OakWood

Our FullQuote is why there are never any surprises with OakWood. Your customer knows exactly where their renovation dollars are invested; right to the penny.

Let’s get started!

The next step is to discuss your project and provide a detailed, realistic cost that your client can use to secure a single mortgage with all work included:

  • Or call 613-236-8001 to schedule a meeting with OakWood’s owners John Liptak, President and CEO or Patricia Liptak-Satov, COO

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