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The Renovation Roadmap

Renovating your home is an exciting process.


Renovation Road map

Start Planning

Whether you are renovating to improve your living space, or simply making necessary repairs to your home, Start Planning, careful planning lets you get the most from your home renovation dollars.

The first step is to set renovation goals that reflect your lifestyle and priorities. By defining what you want to achieve, the contractors and trades you hire will be better able to deliver great results.
There are a number of steps you should take to begin the planning process.

First, write down your specific goals – the things you want to change in your home.
Second, give some thought to both your current and future needs, so that renovations made today will accommodate changes in your lifestyle later.

Third, put together a wish list of the things that must be included in the project as well as others items you’d like to include, if your budget allows.

These three steps will help clarify your renovation goals and priorities – essential information when you begin talking to contractors.

This website provides useful information and checklists to help you through these steps.

Setting Your Renovation Goals

Your home renovation should provide you with improved functionality, comfort and convenience. When completed, your home should also be more energy efficient and healthier to live in.

It’s important to set some general goals for your renovation project. These goals should address both the things you want to change in your home, and anything new you want to add. In some cases, such as simple repairs or maintenance projects, your goals will be straightforward. However, if you are considering more significant renovations such as major improvements or an addition to your home, more detailed goal setting can be very helpful.

Renovation goals should reflect your day-to-day experience living in your home and describe what you want to achieve, rather than dealing with the “nuts and bolts” of how the actual work will be done.

In most cases, there are three aspects you should consider when drawing up your renovation goals:

Use of Space – How you use a room determines the amount of space required and the extent to which this space needs to be open or closed to surrounding areas. Consider how you plan to use renovated areas of your home, what furnishing must fit into it and whether noise from one area of your home will be disruptive if not contained.

Movement of People – What are the traffic patterns in your home? Do access requirements between rooms conflict with activities? For example, do people have to pass through the television room to get to a bathroom? Are there areas of your home that currently cause “traffic jams” or that are too restrictive at certain times of the day?

Light Requirements – You need to consider the lighting requirements for activities planned in each room. Do the existing windows provide adequate daytime lighting? Do you want the room to feel more spacious and brighter? Will you use the space more during the day or
evening? What sort of lighting fixtures are best suited to the space e.g., task lighting, area lighting?
A major benefit of setting renovation goals is that it helps you identify the existing problems you encounter in your home.

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