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A basement doesn’t have to look like a basement. And it won’t when you work with OakWood’s Design + Build basement renovation experts.  beautiful basement renovation custom staircaseAtul and Richa’s basement, featured here, is a case in point. A high priority was a design that ensured the basement was a seamless extension of the upper floors.  Key features of OakWood’s basement design transformation included:

  •   ●  A stunning circular staircase,
  •   ●  Hi-tech, state of the art home theatre and;
  •   ●  A spacious play area for younger children.
  • See details on this basement transformation in Magic Makeovers

As with any OakWood renovation, Atul’s and Richa’s basement refinishing was completed right and on-budget with no surprises. You will receive exactly the same attentive service too!

Dare to dream about your basement renovation possibilities!

dream about your basement renovation possibilitiesWhether you’re looking for a new entertainment room, a finished playroom, or a place to sit back and relax, chances are you have questions – lots of them!

  • How much will my basement conversion cost?
  • What structural issues need to be considered?
  • What kind of building permits do I need?
  • What could my new basement design look like?
  • What kind of experience and qualifications should my contractor have?
  • How will a basement renovation like this be managed?
  • What should a basement renovation plan include?
  • How long will my basement finishing take?

OakWood can provide answers to these and many other questions. That’s why we offer and recommend starting with our free QuickQuote™.

QuickQuote™ is the easiest way to jumpstart your renovation

QuickQuote™ is a FREE service available exclusively from OakWood. It’s not the only way to get started with OakWood – but it’s perfect if you:
    • Are just thinking about or getting started with your renovation plans
    • Don’t have a budget for your renovation
    • Want to find out how much your renovation will cost
    • Want to discuss your renovation options with an OakWood certified Design professional

Here’s What you get with your FREE QuickQuote

Free Expert Renovation advice when you book consultationExpert advice on your renovation plans from an OakWood certified Design professional
Three cost options FullQuote Three realistic budget options for a complete Design + Build renovation
3D concept Design drawing Access to inspiring pictures and free project ideas to show you the possibilities

Our free QuickQuote™ is hands down the easiest way to jumpstart your renovation!

    • It’s accurate to within 2% to 4% of OakWood’s fixed-price FullQuote that you’ll get when all material and finish decisions are finalized.
  • Available as an in-home or an in-store or consultation at one of OakWood’s new Renovation Design Centres, located in four Randall’s stores across the City of Ottawa: OakWood now delivers its 3D Concept Design service from the convenience of four Randall’s stores across Ottawa:

Head Office

865 Taylor Creek Drive Ottawa, Ontario K1C 1T1


2003 St. Joseph Blvd, Orleans


555, Bank Street, Ottawa

Bells Corners

2120 Robertson Rd, Ottawa
  • Headquarters • 865 Taylor Creek Drive Ottawa, Ontario K1C 1T1
  • Glebe • 555 Bank Street
  • Orleans • 2003 St. Joseph Blvd
  • Bells Corners • 120 Robertson Rd

  • Get the best design options and home renovation ideas.
  • See inspiring samples of Ottawa house remodelling projects completed by OakWood.
  • Find out how OakWood will work with you to design, plan, and build your dream renovation.
  • Understand why we will guarantee you a beautifully designed, high quality home renovation that will be completed right and on-budget as quoted

Please note conditions apply:

  • OakWood’s free QuickQuote is offered to qualified individuals. To qualify you must be planning on building a renovation project within a year and want expert help to develop a realistic budget. Ask our OakWood Renovation Expert if you qualify for QuickQuote.

OakWood is a fourth generation family-run business

OakWood is a local, fourth-generation, family run Canadian business that brings over 59 years of experience to your home addition:
Meeting with Certified Professional Worker painting large project OakWood Renovations comprehensive 2 Year Warranty
  • We’ve designed, planned, and built over 5,500 Ottawa home renovations and now complete hundreds of successful Ottawa renovation projects each year: more than any other local renovation company.
  • You get a convenient one-stop, full-service, highly experienced and trustworthy Design + Build service for your entire home addition
  • We use certified in-house designers, planners, and the City’s best and professionally licensed trade partners to guarantee you the highest home renovation standards and quality. All OakWood workers are clean and respectful to your home.
  • Comprehensive Warranty – we stand behind our products and services and offer a comprehensive 2-year warranty for your renovation and an optional 5 or 10-year warranty.
  • Eco-wise Renovator – we only use environmentally friendly construction methods to build your addition and recycle all materials – nothing goes to the landfill.
  • Make it Happen Financing – with guaranteed lowest rates, no need to delay your dream addition.
Above all, we guarantee: OakWood Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • You will get a beautifully designed addition that is completed right and on-budget to craftsman standards.
  • You will be treated ethically and with honesty from start to final inspection – and enjoy the most worry-free home renovation possible.
  • You will never get surprises or pay for “extras” that you do not authorize in writing.

That probably sounds good and very familiar – because many renovators make the same claims but can they really deliver? Do they have the qualifications, experience and processes to back up their promises to you? Ask for proof and choose wisely.   Here is why you can trust OakWood to give you the best value for your money and deliver exactly what we promise.

Award-winning with an A+ Rating

Over many years OakWood has proven itself to be a name you can trust to Design + Build your home renovation right:   Winner BBB Marketplace trust and Consumer Choice Award

  • We are the only Ottawa renovation company to win the Consumer Choice Awards for Best Renovator and Best Home Designer – eight years in a row introduced in 2008
  • Received the coveted 2011 and 2014 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Trust in the Home Improvement Category
  • OakWood enjoy’s a position on the Honours Role with the Ottawa Better Business Bureau and has not received a single customer or trades complaint since starting our family run business over 59 years ago.

Seamless integration

When it comes time to build the addition on your home you can count on OakWood to ensure it looks like a natural extension of your existing home – as though your home addition was part of the original house. And it will be the envy of the neighbourhood!   Seamlessly integrating the old and new is critical for building a home room addition that meets your needs while adding value to your property.

Reduce risks with our 3D Concept Design service:

happy clients viewing realistic 3D concept design See your addition before we build Any addition is a big commitment That’s why OakWood recommends its unique 3D concept design service with 3D drawings so real you’ll think your home addition is already built!     This service is delivered from our new Renovation Design Centres, conveniently located in four Randall’s stores across Ottawa.     Our Renovation Design Centres provide a private, boutique like setting where you can brainstorm with our certified designers and see your addition take shape and come to life on our giant 55” screens.     Our clients rave about this state-of-the art service:

    • You’ll get photo realistic 3D design concepts that show exactly what your new home renovation will look like – before we build.
    • See your renovation from any angle with 360 degree views.
    • You can even view your house renovation design in 3D from the convenience of your own home with our home viewer software.

Here’s an example of a before photo, 3D concept design and the actual addition to show you what we mean. OakWood seamlessly integrated this addition to the existing home. The outside was personalized by adding acrylic stucco details and stone around the perimeter on the bottom. Now the couple enjoy a larger living area where they can watch television, play poker and make a drink at the custom built bar.

See more examples of OakWood’s unique 3D Concept Design here.

What to expect with OakWood

basement renovation solutions

  • One call is all you need for all your home renovation needs – OakWood is a complete full-service Design + Build Renovator.
  • Fixed cost pricing – no surprises or extras – we only proceed with a change if it is in writing and approved by you.
  • Get all kinds of lighting solutions that balance functional, working needs with ambiance or for entertaining.
  • Elegant cabinetry from top manufacturers including our own exclusive line of OakWood cabinet solutions.
  • High efficiency appliances, as required, with professional installation.
  • Millwork and detailed trim done to craftsman standards.
  • Painting including expert design assistance on colour selections to achieve the basement finishing you want.
  • Final clean-up and inspection of the complete basement renovation to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • Eco-wise renovation builder – we only use environmentally friendly renovation construction methods and recycle all materials – nothing from your home renovation goes to the landfill.
  • Comprehensive 2-year Renovator warranty: we stand behind our renovation services and products: if you have a problem, just call and we will take care of it immediately.
  • Make it Happen Financing – no need to delay your dream basement renovation.

Planning and project management is a strength

When we say your home renovations will be done right and on-budget, we mean it. OakWood uses state-of-the-art planning and project management tools including tablet PCs, iPads, and construction specific customer relationship management tools.     Your home renovation will be driven by our custom OakWood BuildPlan™. This comprehensive roadmap documents every decision and detail for your house renovation.

Unique Client Portal – see the status of your project anytime!

Once your home renovation gets started, OakWood gives you secure access to our Client Portal. Powered by unique proprietary software, our state-of-the-art portal gives you real-time access to every detail of your project from any laptop or any mobile device. You’ll have fingertip access to:

State of the art client portal
  • ●  Permit plans
  • ●  Contract documents
  • ●  Engineering and inspection documents
  • ●  Invoices, Change Orders and Credits
  • ●  Client Statement of Accounts showing where     every dollar is spent
  • ●  Before, during and after pictures and videos
  • ●  Project Notes
  • ●  All Material Selections
  • ●  Tasks board to leave reminders
  • ●  Meeting Calendar
  • ●  Document library for Owners Manuals
  • ●  Project Schedule with Gantt Chart
  • ●  Live Punch List showing outstanding items and progress of approved items

and much more…   Meticulous planning and exceptional project management are why we can guarantee your addition will be completed on-budget and done right with no surprises or extra costs.

Enjoy the OakWood-Randall’s advantage

OakWood Randalls VIP discount card savingOakWood has partnered with Randall’s to offer the most experienced in-store renovation and home décor service that is second to none in the City.     When you become an OakWood home renovation customer you’ll receive a Randall’s VIP Discount Card that entitles you to exclusive savings available only to OakWood customers:

    • 10% OFF all regular and 5% OFF all sale priced merchandise at all Randall’s stores every time you shop
    • Use this card to save on any in-store item including high quality C2 paints, window covering solutions, and beautiful handcrafted Mennonite furniture.

The Randall’s VIP Discount card – another reason to make OakWood your home renovator of choice!

Let your basement renovation begin!

We recommend our FREE QuickQuote as the easiest way to get started with your renovations.   When you book your QuickQuote™, you’ll get…

    • Expert renovation advice and ideas from an OakWood certified Design Professional
    • Three cost options to establish a realistic budget range for a complete Design + Build renovation
    • Access to inspiring pictures and free project ideas of one room or space to get your creative juices flowing and to show you how OakWood will work with you


    • Get the best design options and basement renovation ideas.
    • See inspiring samples of Ottawa basement finishes completed by OakWood.
    • Find out how OakWood will work with you to design, plan, and build your dream basement renovation.
    • Understand why we will guarantee you a beautifully designed, high quality home renovation that will be completed right and on-budget as quoted

Please Note: OakWood’s free QuickQuote is offered to qualified individuals. To qualify you must be planning on building a renovation project within a year and want expert help to develop a realistic budget.

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 we guarantee it.

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