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When this home owner described her home as “very inefficient”  it was time for her main floor to be strategically modified. The home featured a cluster of walls in the highest traffic area of the house. The dining room showcased 2 separate entrances creating a random 4 foot wide wall that cluttered the room.


The kitchen eating area featured another wall that sealed this area from the rest of the home. With these two walls the homeowner had to awkwardly turn left when walking into her kitchen since the kitchen eating area wall was in the way. The home owner was tired of having walls cluttering her kitchen and dining room.


The largest part of this renovation was removing the wall that separated the kitchen eating area from the hallway and dining room. Removing this wall opened up the room dramatically and gave easier access to the kitchen from the front of the house. Natural light was now able to flow through the kitchen hallway with ease. The narrower of the 2 dining room entrances was closed off and a beautiful design of inset shelving was introduced. The built-in rectangular wall niches each introduce a pot light to add dramatic effect.


The kitchen eating area was filled with a large island that overlooks the living room. The island features a large over-hang for comfy leg room and a wine fridge on the opposite side. New stainless steel appliances flow well with the new dark cabinets. Elegant light brown ceramic floor tiles create a nice contrast between the dark cabinets and gives the room a nice tone.


Carpet throughout the house was replaced with dark hardwood floors. The basement stair case wall was removed and replaced with a new hand railing to match the railing leading up to the home’s second floor.


The laundry room was updated with new cabinets. A large table-top was installed for the front-loader washer and dryer to be nicely tucked underneath. The surface doubles up as a nice folding space for clothes and features a small sink. The homeowner wanted an area where she could easily wash her large black Labrador. Therefore the renovator decided to install a doggie shower. Just as a real shower would be installed this one held about half its size in height. The doggie shower held a wall mounted shower faucet with hose giving the home owner flexibility when washing her Lab.


The upstairs bathroom was completely renovated. A new custom European style walk in shower creates a beautiful feature wall at the back of the bathroom. A thick band of tiles gives a nice design and contrast to the shower. A freestanding vanity with sink and faucet and a large wall mounted lighting piece finish it off.

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