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New Enforcement of rules in Ottawa

Workplace injuries across Canada are lowest in Ontario, but 1.6 out of every 100 workers is injured at work (Home Builder, Vol.20, NO 6, pg 18). OakWood already has a stellar workplace safety rating, but we are always striving to do better and to ensure that anyone that comes to work on an OakWood site leaves as healthy as they came.

If you are planning a renovation project then your project will likely be visited by the Health and Safety division of the Ontario Labour Board. If you hire a builder that is not properly trained and certified for workplace safety then you and your family will be at risk both financially and legally should an accident occur. It is imperative that you educate yourself in this area.

OakWood takes project health and safety extremely seriously and continuously advances and implements company-wide procedures as standard company policy. OakWood has the highest level of comprehensive Health & Safety procedures in place of any Renovation company in Ottawa. OakWood SOP  We have innovative ideas such as a safety Bucket that is placed on all OakWood jobsites. Even small ideas such as the safety bucket, which contains a fire extinguisher, a 131 piece construction first aid kit, Advil and maps of the four primary hospitals in the Ottawa area – all help to make your project safer. Also included is a list of the OakWood team with their corresponding numbers for easy reference. The buckets are clearly labelled and the tops are securely fastened to prevent children from gaining access. The bucket is only one innovative way of fine-tuning our health and safety procedures and when added to the certification and management procedures it provides you with the security in knowing that OakWood has a comprehensive system in place for Workplace Safety when it comes time for you to protect your property.

Few Homeowners are aware of the potential risks they take if their Renovator does not have the proper Health & Safety training and procedures in place. These risks could result in large monetary fines being charged to the Homeowner. For example; deceiving Workplace Safety Inspectors by having your Renovator  or Sub-Trade remove home asbestos in the evenings or on weekends will constitute a $74,000. fine to the Homeowner. Make sure that your Renovator is insured and has an up to date WSIB Certificate as well.

OakWood is committed to not only our worker’s health and safety but also that of our clients. Clients are even presented with their own OakWood hardhat to wear while around or in the construction zone. When choosing a Renovator, choose one that complies with all the rules and regulations. Usually when they cut corners here they also cut corners in other crucial places. Choose wisely and remember – safety first!