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Having a beautiful garden and backyard landscape is fun, but not when you don’t have big enough windows to view it from! The home owners decided to renovate since they desperately wanted to enjoy the beauty of their garden in the comfort and warmth of their own home.They also wanted easy access to a washroom, since the current washrooms we’re located on the top floor and basement. With the home owner’s ideas in mind the renovator decided to create a backyard addition/ sunroom and add a small powder room in it.

Below: The small window on the right was the home owners view from the kitchen. It wasn’t going to be enough for them to properly enjoy the view of their garden!

Backyard Addition

A major part of the back wall of the home was torn down to create a 8′ wide opening for the addition. 3 large windows we’re added to every new wall that made up the addition. With these massive insulated windows, one could easily consider this a sunroom. Looking out into the garden, the right wall holds a door that leads to a small shaded deck area. The same wall features a powder room finished with a small rectangular window, perfect for ventilation and natural lighting. Now the home owners would not shy away from having company since the new powder room was so easily accessible.


A big room with large windows has potential to get a little cooler in the winter. With their budget in mind the renovator recommended to install 2 long water heated radiators rather than a radiant floor. The radiators placed directly underneath the window on the left and far wall was ample enough warmth to keep this room cozy even during the harsh Ontario winters.


The room is finished with large light brown tiles, pot lights for nightly lighting and a large fan to keep a nice constant air flow. The outside is finished in  light beige stucco and dark green eavestrough to match the style of the house. With 3 large windows the home owners love their new panoramic view of their garden.

Backyard sunroom addition