The home owners had already renovated a major part of their house and were close to the point where they would have their perfect dream home. The only thing left to do was the basement, which was currently being used as storage space. The upstairs of the home already showcased very high end selections and finishing, so this couple needed their basement bathroom to match the same style. The home owners also wanted to use this area as a place they could unwind and relax from their busy lifestyle.

Unfinished basement with storage

The bathroom is located down the stairs to the right. To make their vision a reality a pearl white Victorian Style Deep soaker tub was added to the bathroom. The home owners selected a beautiful polished chrome waterfall tub faucet to go with it.

Unique soaking tub with Victorian clothed chair next to it

Right above the soaker tub a circular elegant chandelier hangs from the ceiling, giving the room an instant feel of grace and elegance. At the back of the bathroom the renovator installed a beautiful Arctic White RealStone accent wall that flows seamlessly into the design.

Unique soaking tub with accent textured wall, tiled floors, and unique chandelier

Pot lights wrap around the room and are closely placed to the wall giving the accent wall a nice glowing effect.

Bathroom build with unique soaking tub and floating counter with bowl sink

To add the extra feel of western culture to the bathroom a large vanity with cardigan red quartz counter top was installed along the left side wall. Dark grey wood veneer cabinets accentuate the large 12″x 12″ black floor tiles.

Bathroom build with floating counter & bowl sink

At the end of this project the home owners were very satisfied with their renovation. Their home had finally been completed to the style they wanted.