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What is it?

OakWood Renovation Experts is so confident in our best price offer that we guarantee that on Renovation projects with identical specifications, product quality levels, fit and finish, services, & guarantees we will match if not better a competitor’s quote.
The Best Price Guarantee applies to the total overall cost of the project and not to individual items.

What type of Renovation project does this apply to?

The OakWood Best Price Guarantee applies to any Renovation when competitive bids have been received from quality Renovators who are active members of  the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA) and are a recognized RenoMark™ Renovator.

In our  experience this establishes the minimum professional credentials required for a Renovator to anticipate all materials and services that will be required to complete your project at the price quoted. To see a list of Ottawa Renomark™ Renovators click here.

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Why do we offer a Best Price Guarantee?

After 60 years of experience, we see how many Renovators take advantage of homeowners with so called “lower priced quotes.” In almost all cases we discover after the fact that these quotes are lower for one or a combination of the following four reasons:

  • The Renovator excludes important details that become “extras” after the Renovation starts or extra invoices at the end.
  • The Renovator has provided a quote that is actually based on much lower quality materials and finish levels.
  • The Renovation does not include the same service levels required to assure the homeowner a quality Renovation that is completed on-time and on-budget.
  • The Renovator is using less qualified sub-contractors who do not have the same experience and professional credentials and in many cases actually lack the required licenses to be working on your project.

Our Best Price Guarantee cuts through these issues and levels the playing field. It gives you the assurance you deserve that the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. Above all; it means that you know exactly what your Renovation project includes and that you are comparing apples to apples.

How does OakWood guarantee its price?

It is really simple. We provide a fixed-price FullQuote™ with every detail of your Renovation itemized – right down to the doorstoppers.

You know by brand name what your Renovation includes from materials to services. The quote we provide is the quote you pay unless you authorize changes in writing.

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How can OakWood guarantee the best overall price?

We are Ottawa’s largest and most established Renovator. That means we enjoy purchasing leverage that few local Renovators can match on quality brands.

We have long standing relationships with the City’s best trade professionals. That means everyone on your project will be highly experienced professionals who will do high-quality work.

We also have well-honed technology enabled processes that ensure any Renovation will be managed with unmatched efficiency. Please ask us for details – we can show you exactly what we mean by this.

This is why it is impossible for another Renovator to deliver the identical scope of work for a lower price and stay in business long enough to honour any type of warranty they may offer.

How does the Best Price Guarantee work?

The Best Price Guarantee requires full disclosure of competitive bids with a line-by-line breakdown of every item with comparable detail to OakWood’s FullQuote™. This detail is required to enable a full comparison of every facet of your Renovation.

Our fully itemized FullQuote enables you to make a line-by-line comparison where we can show you what is missing or why you are apparently being quoted a lower price by another Renovator.

To see the level of detail we are talking about ask your project consultant. Our proposals are often 50 to 200 pages long. Remember detail is your friend, this is the level of detail you need to know exactly what you are getting – or not – and for our Best Price Guarantee to be valid.

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Does “Best Price” mean “Lowest Price”?

Best price does not necessarily mean OakWood will be the lowest priced bidder on your Renovation. You can always get a lower price by choosing different quality materials, fewer services, or by using less qualified trade professionals, such as a handyman rather than a licensed Electrician for example.

Our Best Price Guarantee means that we will give you the lowest overall price on a project with identical specifications, materials of identical value, and the exact same level of service support from start to finish.



Terms & Conditions

Best Price Guarantee applies to:

  • Renovation projects with identical scope of work in terms of specifications, quality of products, levels of finish, services, completion date, and all warranties.
  • Applied to overall (total) project cost and not to individual items.
  • Renovation projects from recognized quality competitors who are Renovator members of the RenoMark™ programme in the GOHBA (Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association).
  • All competitor quotes are subject to verification by OakWood before honoring this offer. To enable a fair and detailed comparison, OakWood requires their detailed quotes with supporting documentation and a line-by-line comparison from a competitor who claims to provide the same quality and services at a lower price. OakWood will provide you with an electronic list of the items we include (without price) and for which we need to see line item prices. This is the only way you can be sure that a competitor has quoted on an identical scope of work.
  • OakWood reserves the right to withdraw without penalty from any bid if:
  • Competitor quotes cannot be independently verified by OakWood
  • Required information is not supplied and/or if material selections of competitor quotes are of a demonstrably lower quality (and below what OakWood is willing to use for a quality renovation).
  • The OakWood Best Price Guarantee does not apply to special incentives such as gifts, rebates, sales or discounts, special financial programs, clearance or close-out prices for discontinued items, or to damaged or display or second hand materials.
  • The OakWood Best Price Guarantee cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • OakWood reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Best Price Guarantee or restrict its availability to any person, at any time, for any or no reason and without prior notice or liability to you.

Learn more about OakWood’s BEST PRICE GUARANTEE or to get a FULLQUOTE book a free in-home or in-store consultation at one of our Design Centers located across the City near you.