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Renovation Plan - OakWood Build Plan™

OakWood Build Plan™

Renovation Plan for success

Our promise to you for your renovation plan is very simple.

  • We will give you a quality renovation that is beautifully designed. It will be built right and on-budget with no surprises.

That may sound very familiar. Many renovators today make the identical claim. The question is: can they really deliver? What systems and processes do they have for delivering on this important commitment to you?

When we say built right and on-budget, we mean it. And we have the track record, client references, and customized Design + Build processes to back-up our promise.

The key is an exceptional renovation plan and project management. Both need to be backed by state-of-the-art technology to ensure fingertip access to real-time information at each step in your renovation.

Why you can count on OakWood for your renovation plan

Renovation Planning is the heart and soul of what we do.   The lack of a comprehensive plan is the number one reason renovation timelines and budgets get blown. This can lead to delays, unexpected costs, inconvenience, and in some cases real heartache.

To address this critical requirement of a successful renovation project, we have spent decades developing a unique and comprehensive Design + Build planning process that covers every facet of your renovation from start-up to final inspection.   Every detail of your renovation is documented in our comprehensive OakWood BuildPLAN™. This exhaustive plan leaves nothing to chance and thoroughly documents:

  • Final scope of work with room-by-room details including all finishes
  • Architectural requirements
  • All design elements and material selection decisions
  • Construction & scheduling
  • Field project management
  • City permits & inspections
  • Timelines, milestones, and a payment structure

The OakWood BuildPLAN™ is a complete guide and roadmap for your entire renovation project. It will be delivered to you following completion of the Concept Design phase, final scope of work agreement, and all material selections for your custom renovation project.

OakWood renovation plan

State of the art systems and technology

Technology underpins all of OakWood’s processes and helps drive the best renovation plan and project management capabilities in the City. Our systems, processes, and in-house expertise includes:

  • Meeting once a week with our Project Manager
  • Assigning a dedicated project manager to provide one point of contact
  • Equipping our Project Managers with tablet PCs and iPads that are connected to our cloud-based office CRM system
  • Providing you with a 24 hour emergency phone number
  • Secure access to the OakWood Customer Portal which allows you to see all project information live including:
OakWood renovation plan
  • The building contract and permit plans
  • All material finish selections
  • Invoices, Change Orders and Credits
  • All city inspections, ministry of labour and engineering documents
  • Live project Gantt chart building schedule
  • All Owner’s manuals and Product maintenance documents
  • Statement of accounts which shows detailed summary accounting of the project
OakWood renovation plan
  • Schedules are updated every day using advanced CRM cloud-based systems
  • Our Project Managers are equipped with iPads and leading-edge cloud-based software for production to ensure high-touch, real-time communication with your customers through the construction phase
  • Qualified in-house experts to support each step including Project Consultants, Architectural Technologists, Interior Designers, Materials Selection Coordinators, Estimators, Schedulers, Quantity Surveyors and in-office Project Managers
OakWood renovation plan

Our processes are time tested and constantly fine-tuned to give you a successful renovation experience and peace-of-mind. This is why we can tell you with complete confidence that we will be on-budget and done right with a high-quality, worry-free renovation. And why you can count on OakWood to deliver.

OakWood renovation plan

How much will your renovation cost?

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Here’s What you get with your FREE QuickQuote™

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