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OakWood Consumers Handbook

Your guide to choosing a professional renovator

You are about to make an important decision: choosing what Renovator will design, plan, and build your
renovation project. This is a big decision whether you are renovating a single room, adding an extension,
or renovating your entire house from the basement up.

Unfortunately, Renovation Contractors are consistently one of the most complained about businesses to the
Ontario Minister of Consumer Services. One of the primary reasons is that almost anyone can claim to be a
qualifi ed Renovator. Yet there are few reliable guidelines available to help a Homeowner choose a Renovator
wisely or objectively evaluate the credentials and qualifi cations of potential Renovators.

That’s why OakWood has created this Consumer’s Guide. This gives you the information you need to make
the best decision possible when it comes to hiring, evaluating and working with a professional Renovation
Contractor to design and build your project.

Why is this so important? Like many homeowners, you may not realize that at the start of any renovation,
your home is temporarily depreciated once construction begins. Of course, if you engage the services
of a professional Renovator, this will be a brief and quickly forgotten phase of your renovation: a minor
blip on the way to great rewards and enjoyment.

We live by our Guide and believe this sets the professional standard you need to choose a qualifi ed
Renovator. And ensure you get a worry free, high quality renovation that is completed on budget and
on time with no surprises.