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Healthy Home Products

Nurture family members and loved ones with a healthy, toxin-free environment…

More homeowners are becoming aware of and concerned about the materials used in their renovation or new home construction. Placing an emphasis on a healthy living or work environment means incorporating healthy design elements, non-toxic building materials, and embracing proper construction and ventilation methods.

The OakWood-Holmes High Performance Home will recommend design elements and non-toxic materials to eliminate irritants and ensure a healthy living environment.

We can provide a broad range of solutions including:


Using materials that emit no toxic gasses and are mold resistant


Staying away from carpets in favor of hardwood floors, eliminating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are often found in paint products


Biobased insulation options like soy based and cotton-based insulation – avoiding spray foam and fiberglass


Incorporating passive solar and quiet, energy-efficient hydronic (radiant) heating systems


Heat recovery ventilator (HRV) and energy recovery ventilator (ERV) to deliver fresh air to your home or building


Following the Canada Green Building Council’s guidelines for the design and build of healthier buildings


And many other solutions

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