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The Holmes High Performance Inspection

A comprehensive top to bottom inspection to validate your home’s performance

Get Ultimate Peace of Mind

The OakWood-Holmes High Performance Initiative includes Holmes Inspection to document the entire installation process and confirm:


All products, materials, and technologies are correctly installed in accordance with manufacturer warranty guidelines and delivering the expected benefits


Your home meets the energy efficiency and health standards, including indoor air quality, that is expected of a true high-performance home

While offered as an optional service to provide you with peace of mind, Holmes Inspection is mandatory if you’re taking advantage of our Early Signing Pilot Program.

What the Holmes High Performance Inspection Includes:

First Visit – Initial Home Inspection

  • A comprehensive inspection to document your home’s existing condition prior to any work (if a renovation or an existing structure exists).
  • Provides recommended upgrade items to help increase the performance of your existing or planned new custom home that will be coupled with the O/H specifications for new products/systems.
  • A radon test cartridge is inserted into the basement of an existing home for a 90-day test (unless basement is part of renovation, then an instant read will be taken during the inspection)

Second Visit – combined envelope and thermal inspection

  • Occurs immediately before drywall installation with the insulation installation visible to ensure energy efficiency and airtight performance.
  • Includes a thermal scan with high-end thermography cameras and Level 2 training (well above industry standards) – thermal scans are not part of industry standard inspections, framing review, insulation review, air seal review.
  • This inspection helps ensure we catch anything before it gets expensive to fix while showing the difference in efficiency compared to standard built homes.

Third Visit – final test

  • A final visit to test and verify the mechanical, plumbing, home automation and electrical systems installed as part of your renovation/new custom home.
  • Includes an Indoor Air Quality testing to verify it is a Healthy Home and a Blower Door Test to measure the air tightness of your home and its energy efficiency.
  • Provides warranty protection by ensuring any systems are installed as per manufacturer requirements.

All three inspections are summarized, with sample photos, into a Holmes Certification Binder – this helps you demonstrate the value behind the walls and systems for re-sale value and provides warranty protection.

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