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Avoid Renovation Disaster

How to AVOID SCAMMERS and Get a BEAUTIFUL RENOVATION with “No Surprises”

This special insider e-report, Avoid Renovation Disaster, from John Liptak, CEO and President of OakWood, reveals the unvarnished truth about the renovation industry and the sleazy tactics used by some unqualified and dishonest renovators to win your business.

Download this free e-report now to discover:

  • Six common mistakes that could COST you thousands of dollars in botched work
  • Why the lowest price often costs you the most
  • What your renovation quote must include to avoid surprises
  • 32 “must-ask” questions for choosing a qualified renovator and avoiding fraudsters
  • The #1 key success factor for your renovation
  • And much more

Written from the heart in plain language, this report is a response by John Liptak to the countless calls that OakWood receives every year from distraught homeowners who ran afoul of bad or dishonest renovators.

Many paid thousands more to fix or redo the work. All experienced emotional distress and asked: “What could I have done to avoid this renovation disaster?”

The answers are here.

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