Kitchens are one of the top renovation projects we get asked about and an area of real specialization. Almost all of our clients want to know answers to these 9 questions. Have a look and see if these are top of mind!

How long will my kitchen project take?

It really depends on the scope of your kitchen project. A small remodeling where we are working with your existing room footprint could take as little as 3 to 4 weeks. A more extensive project where we are gutting the existing kitchen to the studs and replacing everything including appliances could take 6 to 8 weeks or longer. If your kitchen project is part of a new custom home, the design and build will be part of a broader scope of work. Once we have a better idea for what you are planning, your OakWood Project Consultant will provide a preliminary schedule. Once your project starts, your schedule gets updated daily so that you know the exact status of your project at all times.

How much will my new kitchen cost?

How high is up? We know that’s not an especially helpful answer but truthfully, the cost of your kitchen is dependent on so many variables. Fortunately, you have complete control over most or all of them, which means in most cases we can plan a kitchen around your desired investment level. While many contractors will try to tell you the average price ranges from $10,000 to $20,000, the truth is, these numbers are completely misleading. Sure, you can spend about $20,000 on a kitchen renovation. You can also spend $50,000 or upwards of $100,000 and still be paying a fair price for the quality you get. That’s because the biggest factors driving the cost of your kitchen project – whether it is a renovation or part of a new custom home – are your material selections and the scope of work. For example, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $250 per square foot installed for a kitchen countertop. A granite counter is going to cost a lot more to install than a slate or acrylic counter top. That’s just one product in a long line up of material considerations. If you want specialty or unique items to create a one of a kind look, you’ll pay more. Your OakWood Project Consultant can provide you with a realistic investment range through our QuickQuote, based on the type of materials you are considering and the scope of work.

How much will a kitchen renovation add to the resale value of my home?

The Canadian Appraisal Institute says that remodeled or renovated kitchens are one of the top five renovations with the highest return on investment. Many credible sources suggest that kitchen renovations will return nearly 70% of their cost and dollar-for-dollar provide the highest returns of all home upgrades.

Do you have in-house designers?

We sure do. In fact, our in-house team includes qualified Project Consultants, Architectural Technologists, Interior Designers, Material Selection Coordinators, Quantity Surveyors, Resource Schedulers, Estimators, Project Coordinators, Site Project Managers, and other specialized expertise. What you get is specialized expertise at every step of your kitchen project.

Will you work with an architect or designer of my choice?

Absolutely. We work with some of the best Architects and Designers in the City. If you’re already working with an Architect or Designer, you can trust over 60 years of construction experience to transform your design vision and plans into reality. Our in-house certified designers, project managers and estimators will work closely with your Architect or Designer to:

  • Quickly understand your vision, the flow of spaces, and design
  • Provide constant, updated pricing throughout the process to keep your project on-budget
  • Anticipate potential construction or engineering challenges and offer practical, experience based solutions
  • Convert your design into a detailed build-ready document

Where do you get your cabinetry from?

Because we’re a high-volume cabinetry producer, OakWood has secured a production line inside Cabico that’s dedicated to Seriös, an OakWood owned company. Cabico has the distinction of being Canada’s largest independent manufacturer of quality custom cabinetry.  The economies of scale that we enjoy enables us to give you a high-quality, tailormade cabinetry solution with unlimited options at an affordable price. Of course, we can also work with any cabinetry manufacturer of your choice. However, dollar-for-dollar, we doubt that you will get better value for your cabinetry investment than with Seriös.

What suppliers do you use?

Unlike many contractors we do not impose a list of suppliers for any of your material selections. While we have preferred Partners, these are suppliers that we have vetted for quality and reliability and can recommend them unconditionally. The reality is this: with OakWood, you have the freedom to choose materials from any manufacturer in the World. That said, our Design Centre is a living, evolving showcase for over 7,500 items. And you have access to over 150,000 items from an indexed database that is global in scope. However, if you have a specific product you want, let us know the manufacturer name, and odds are we will be able to get it and include that in your kitchen design. Best of all, everything you need is under one roof!

How will OakWood work with me?

With OakWood, you get specialized expertise at every step of your kitchen project and never a jack of all trades. It starts with your OakWood Project Consultant who will work with you to understand your vision and provide an accurate and realistic fixed price proposal – with every product and service itemized. Once you sign with OakWood, your consultant will introduce you to the specialized team of experts who will work with you to make your kitchen project a reality in the most efficient way possible. That includes an OakWood certified Design Consultant – unless you are choosing to work with an external architect or designer of your choice – and a Project Manager, who will meet with you weekly once your project goes into production. Your Design Consultant will take advantage of our award winning Design Centre to help inspire you while enabling you to make all of your final material selections conveniently from one location. Once you’ve made those selections, your Design Consultant will provide you with a concept rendering to show what your final kitchen project will look like. Once approved, your project goes into production using the best trade professionals in the City. OakWood goes to extensive lengths to screen all trade professionals and ensure they have the work ethics, values, and skills required to provide the highest quality workmanship for your project possible.

What is unique about OakWood’s approach?

OakWood is a technologically advanced company. We are early adopters of new technologies while having invested in our own, proprietary construction specific project management software. This software is unique in the industry and the backbone of our company, enabling us to quickly give you highly detailed, fully itemized proposals and production schedules that are updated in real time and available to you 24/7  (in addition to all of your project documentation) through a password protected Client Portal. Similarly, our proposals are updated in real time as you move through a final material selection process with your Design Consultant – so you know exactly how your material choices are affecting your investment level.

OakWood is also the only contractor in the City that has invested in a state of the art, LEED Platinum Design Centre. This Centre supports a unique Design & Build approach like no other in the City. First, it features over 7,500 items and one-of-a kind displays to pique your curiosity. However, you are in no way limited to the products you see or the 150,000 products available from our database – or our preferred, pre-screened quality Partners. You have complete freedom to choose your materials from any manufacturer in the World.

More than anything, our Design Centre is a showcase for OakWood’s commitment to the most the advanced, state of the art solutions available for any residential or commercial project. We call this the OakWood High Performance Approach and this enables you to choose, through the Design Centre, advanced solutions in four fast changing areas: energy efficiency, Smart Home technology, healthy living, and eco-friendly products and practices. Solutions in each of these areas have been vetted by two names you can trust – OakWood and The Holmes Group – giving you complete assurance that the benefits promised by manufacturers will be realized by you when they are included in a distinctive design and build kitchen solution from OakWood.

Another unique aspect to OakWood’s approach is our commitment to fair pricing for quality work – and provision of a fixed price contract. What we quote is exactly what you will pay, to the penny, unless you authorize changes in writing. With OakWood, you will know exactly what your kitchen renovation will cost before lift a hammer. Few if any other renovators in the City can make that claim – and that is why the average renovation goes 27% over budget. That will never happen with OakWood – we guarantee it!