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“The quality of the workmanship is hard to beat.”

The Lahey’s chuckle when they recall that a major kitchen and family room renovation started innocently with the kitchen floor. Ms. Lahey acknowledges their house was more than 40 years old and the kitchen “was old and tired.” The Lahey’s had been mulling over a new kitchen for years and thought a new floor would introduce a welcome sparkle.

While it may have brightened up the space a new floor would not create more natural light or a more functional workspace. Ms. Lahey wanted more useable space and a new kitchen design that would create better flow for entertaining and a welcome gathering spot for family and friends.

After realizing more than a new floor was required, the Lahey’s invited six different contracting companies to come and tell them what was possible. “OakWood took our admittedly vague design specifications and blew them wide open, respecting our budget and establishing a workable timeline,” says Ms. Lahey.

To make more space without adding to the home’s footprint, OakWood removed the wall between the current kitchen and the adjacent sitting room. We also removed the small wall at the rear entrance off the kitchen. Installing an island countertop improved traffic flow while creating a focal point for any gathering while adding a new eat-in-area that doubles as a work surface.

What the Lahey’s liked best was OakWood project management capabilities. Weekly conferences were used review the work progress and discuss any issues and concerns.

OakWood’s ability to develop and manage a tight construction schedule paid off. “OakWood actually completed the renovation a week AHEAD of schedule,” confirms Ms. Lahey. “When I told friends about that, many of whom had also gone through a renovation, they were absolutely amazed.”

Best of all, the final kitchen and family room was everything the Lahey’s hoped it would be. “The quality of the workmanship is hard to beat,” says Ms. Lahey. “OakWood did a wonderful job on our kitchen and I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone else. We would definitely use them again