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Our client loved their period home but not their kitchen, period! With a growing family, they knew that simply renovating the existing kitchen would not be enough. They turned to the OakWood Renovation Team for expert design and planning help.

An addition was required

Our clients had already decided to build an addition to increase the footprint of their kitchen space—they just didn’t know exactly how to do this in the most efficient way possible! Using OakWood’s unique 3D software our in-house design team helped our client clearly see a wonderful new indoor and outdoor space that was both inspirational and functional too.

Lighting was a top priority

To take optimal advantage of natural light the OakWood design incorporated lots of windows and glass doors. This was complemented with an intricate in-door lighting plan to ensure bright and cheery spaces in any season.

Programmable lights instantly create any ambiance!

All lighting is programmed and controlled by a 6-zone graphic eye controller. This allows for many different pre-programmed settings for the recessed under cabinet, over cabinet, track, and pendant lighting. From dinner preparation to cocktail hour, all lighting can be programmed and pre-set to instantly create the desired mood.

Other design features:

  • A bold new set of double-doors corners into the kitchen and dining area to bring in more natural light while making the covered porch area feel like a seamless extension of the indoor living space.
  • Custom millwork stained to match the cabinet colour adds simple elegance and balance to the space while tying the new addition to the home’s period roots.
  • Cream tile, stone countertop and walls make the detailed millwork really stand out!
  • A large island with a bar sink separates the dining and kitchen areas while still making them flow together—large enough for homework and meal preparation to occur at the same time which is perfect for this busy family to stay connected.

A big thank you party!

Our client loves to entertain, and the new space begs them to invite even more people over to revel in the fun! In fact, our client was so delighted with their renovation they had a “thank you” party for the OakWood Team for a job well done. This was a fantastic way to wrap-up this renovation!