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Quality Renovation Standards

OakWood precisely defines exactly what it means by quality... and has done so since 1956

Quality Renovation Standards

Quality Renovation is easy to say – what does it mean?

A lot of renovators claim that their renovations are “built to the highest quality standards.” Unfortunately many of these same builders barely meet the minimum Ontario Building Code standards. For OakWood Quality Renovation is more than a word.

Quality Renovation is a way of doing business. It starts on day one, from our first meeting and runs through everything we do:
Design, planning and building your project, done right and on-budget.

How we define “Quality Renovation”

Here are a few examples of what we mean by Quality Renovation and what you can expect when we do your renovation:

OakWood Quality Renovation

Award winning – The first and only company to win both the “Best Home Designer” and the “Best Renovator” categories in Ottawa nine years in a row.

OakWood Quality Renovation

No filler! We cut and install properly the first time to ensure there are no gaps that require gobs of ugly filler

OakWood Quality Renovation

We glue the corners on casings to reduce cracking by over 95%

OakWood Quality Renovation

We only use kiln dried material for all OakWood projects to ensure less shrinkage and drywall cracking

OakWood Quality Renovation

Our minimum standards exceed all Ontario Building Code standards, from foundation work through framing and finishing work

OakWood Quality Renovation

We work only with the best Suppliers and Trade Partners available in the Ottawa region – these are professionals that share our passion and ethics for doing top quality work

OakWood Quality Renovation

We are one of the first builders in Ottawa to use a professional Project Scheduling and CRM system to keep you informed and up to date on the progress of your project

OakWood Quality Renovation

OakWood only uses environmentally friendly construction methods and materials – we recycle all building materials and nothing goes to the landfill

We take detailed precautions to respect and protect your home:

Dust protection: covers for all stairs and flooring, vent protection, blue skin over tubes and shower bases, dust protection walls, etc.

Zippered plastic barriers from work areas to clean areas

Broom clean home at end of every day with major clean up at end of every week

No-Go-Zones in your home where Trades and workers cannot go so that you are assured privacy

Our workplace safety standards are met and exceeded on all sites:

Fence protection on sites to prevent accidents and theft

PortaPoty on all sites to keep your home clean

Ministry of Labour and Workplace Safety guidelines in the onsite project binders

OakWood has established a complete and comprehensive safety policy to help protect you, the homeowner, from litigation should an accident ever occur

Our quality commitment to you

We are proud to be a, fourth-generation family run Five Star Builder with proven systems and processes for creating an enjoyable, worry-free renovation. We are committed to honesty and doing quality work at each stage of your renovation. That is why you can count on us to get the job done right. Above all, we guarantee:

  • You will get a beautifully designed renovation that is completed on-budget and done right to craftsman standards
  • You will be treated like Royalty from start to final inspection – and enjoy the most worry-free home renovation possible.
  • You will never get surprises or pay for “extras” that you do not authorize in writing.

Let’s get started with QuickQuote™

QuickQuote™ is a FREE service available exclusively from OakWood. It’s not the only way to get started with OakWood – but it’s perfect if you:

  • Are just thinking about or getting started with your renovation plans
  • Don’t have a budget for your renovation
  • Want to find out how much your renovation will cost
  • Want to discuss your renovation options with an OakWood certified Design professional

Here’s What you get with your FREE QuickQuote™

OakWood Quality Renovation advice

Expert advice on your renovation plans from an OakWood certified Design professional

OakWood Quality Renovation quote

A realistic budget range based on your project requirements

OakWood Quality Renovation Ideas

Access to inspiring pictures and free project ideas to show you the possibilities

Our free QuickQuote™ is hands down the easiest way to jumpstart your renovation!

  • It’s accurate to within 2% to 4% of OakWood’s fixed-price FullQuote that you’ll get when all material and finish decisions are finalized.
  • Available as an in-home or an in-store or consultation at one of OakWood’s new Renovation Design Centres, located in four Randall’s stores across the City of Ottawa: OakWood now delivers its 3D Concept Design service from the convenience of four Randall’s stores across Ottawa:
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Headquarters • 865 Taylor Creek Drive Ottawa, Ontario K4A 0Z9

Glebe • 555 Bank Street

Orleans • 2003 St. Joseph Blvd

Bells Corners • 120 Robertson Rd


  • Get the best design options and home renovation ideas.
  • See inspiring samples of Ottawa house remodelling projects completed by OakWood.
  • Find out how OakWood will work with you to design, plan, and build your dream renovation.
  • Understand why we will guarantee you a beautifully designed, high quality home renovation that will be completed right and on-budget as quoted

Please note conditions apply:

OakWood’s free QuickQuote is offered to qualified individuals. To qualify you must be planning on building a renovation project within a year and want expert help to develop a realistic budget. Ask our OakWood Renovation Expert if you qualify for QuickQuote.

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