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The Renovation Roadmap

Renovating your home is an exciting process.

Renovation Road map


CMHC’s Healthy Housing Renovation Planner resources

This illustrated guide provides information on materials and renovation methods that can improve the health and efficiency of your home. The Healthy Housing Renovation Planner contains tips for every room in your house, includes step-by-step guides and project planning worksheets that help reduce costs and comparison charts for choosing materials to create a healthier housing environment.

The Healthy Housing Renovation Planner is available, by purchase only, from CMHC. To order this book, call CMHC at 1-800-668-2642 or click here.

CMHC’s Moisture and Air: Problems and Remedies

This CMHC publication will help you recognize some of the typical signs of moisture and air quality problems in your house, identify the probable causes and find practical solutions. If you know or suspect that your home’s indoor air quality isn’t adequate, or if you know your home has moisture problems, this publication will be particularly helpful.

To order, call CMHC at 1-800-668-2642 or click here.

CMHC’s About Your House Series

CMHC’s About Your House fact sheets cover a wide range of issues related to the health and performance of your home. A number of these fact sheets also focus on special housing needs and how these can be met. All About Your House fact sheets are available on-line, free of charge.

Of particular interest to homeowners planning a renovation project are the Before You Start series that can help you assess the present condition of your home, identify ways to make it a healthier place to live and effectively achieve your renovation goals.

To get these publications from CMHC online, free of charge, click here.

CMHC’s A Better Way to Renovate: Checklist for planning a healthy, energy-efficient renovation

Renovation offers many opportunities to make a home healthier, more energy-efficient and to improve its overall comfort. The time to consider these options is during the planning process, before buying materials or starting work.

This checklist presents the most common Healthy Housing and energyefficient approaches and features. It provides a solid starting point for evaluating the current condition of your home and discussing potential improvements with contractors.

To get the online list from CMHC, click here.

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