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The Renovation Roadmap

Renovating your home is an exciting process.


Renovation Road map


CMHC’s Resources Before You Renovate Guide

To help you plan your renovation project, CMHC has information and easy-to-understand tips that can help you assess your requirements and learn the key questions before you get started.

The online Before You Renovate Guide offers an excellent overview of the renovation process. It provides a step-by-step approach to planning your renovation project and presents key questions on practicality, finances and adaptability, as well as a handy checklist.

The Buying, Maintaining and Renovating Your Home Catalogue highlights a number of useful CMHC publications, some of which are available free, others of which you can purchase from CMHC. It’s a good compendium of renovation information and resources for homeowners.

To get this publication from CMHC, call 1-800-668-2642. For an overview and links to a range of CMHC fact sheets, publications and other information on renovation, click here.

CMHC’s Homeowner’s Inspection Checklist

Keep your home healthy all year round!

With this practical, easy-to-follow guide, you can ensure your home is safer, more energy-efficient and more comfortable all year round, in as little as a few minutes per week. The Homeowner’s Inspection Checklist helps you identify symptoms, causes and cures for common problems. It includes a handy Evaluation Tool and a basement-to-roof Maintenance Calendar that helps you stop potential problems before they begin.

In addition to helping you with renovation planning, the Checklist can be used to plan preventive maintenance and help you avoid costly repairs.

The Homeowner’s Inspection Checklist is available, by purchase only, from CMHC. Call 1-800-668-2642 or order online.

CMHC’s FlexHousing™

FlexHousing™ is a practical approach to designing and building housing that is based on four principles of adaptability, accessibility, affordability and healthy housing. FlexHousing™ designs adapt to changes in a family’s lifestyle with rooms that can change in size and function, and adjustable fixtures to suit everyone’s needs. Living spaces are made accessible and functional for all family members, no matter what their physical abilities or special requirements.

FlexHouses™ are affordable, especially over time – no need for costly moving or repeated renovation expenses, a FlexHouse™ adapts easily and economically. The integration of healthy building materials and innovatice housing technology protects the health of the occupants and the environment.

Incorporating FlexHousing™ design features in a renovation project can insure that your home will continue to meet your needs in the future.


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