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Van Der Torre Makeover

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Van Der Torre Makeover

Home Makeover

Big windows, large work area, tons of ambient light, beautiful master-bedrooom, and spacious bathroom are a few of the new aspects found in the added 3rd story of the Van Der Torre home makeover.

This is a successful renovation story of a rapidly growing family with 3 young children who needed their own space. Their home located in Old Ottawa South, one of Ottawa’s oldest and most beautiful suburbs, was in need of some major changes to accomodate their new lifestyle.

The clients wanted more space while keeping the renovation simple and maintaining the historical style to the home.   With these constraints in mind the clients knew they needed an experienced renovator, they decided to call OakWood. The Van Der Torre’s did their due diligence and spoke with other renovators who also claimed they could do this type of project.

OakWood met with the family and started brainstorming some ideas and design concepts. The Van Der Torre’s were able to meet with experienced and certified OakWood designers and determine which way the space could be maximized to fit their needs. In the End, they elected to build a 3rd storey addition on top of their second floor.

Choosing this option gave them the liberty to add a new master bedroom along-side a walk-in closet, en-suite bathroom equipped with dual sinks and shower and a functional nook used as office space. OakWood quickly gave them a good idea of what the final renovation would look like with a realistic 3D Rendering.

Once the permits were obtained and the initial pre-construction meeting (to review small last item details) was done, the renovation started!

Home Makeover

From a street view, this realistic 3D rendering shows the proposed renovation, and what it would look like before construction begins. By having a realistic view of the final renovation, the Van Der Torre’s we’re able to instantly change items and materials that fit their vision.

View the Van Der Torre Renovation

This view was taken from the attic. The attic’s ceiling, roof, and floor were completely removed to make room for the 3rd storey addition. This shot is taken from the front of the house where the soon-to-be Master Bedroom will be located.   Moving through the renovation the Van Der Torres were updated with a weekly meeting from their appointed project manager who personally over-looked their renovation and addressed any concerns or worries. Having a project-manager checking up daily on the renovation made for the process to be delivered always on-time.

Home Makeover

They [OakWood] were able to make what could have been a harrowing roller coaster ride a smooth one.

States Erik Van Der Torre.

Home Makeover

For the addition to be seemlessly intergrated to the existing home, OakWood designers thought of placing the new staircase over the existing one. This way both staircases would merge perfectly together and keep the simple layout the clients wanted.

The third floor opens up to a little nook where a home office was decided to be placed. Having abundants amount of natural light makes for working at home a breeze. simple and clean area is filled with natural light which includes a door which leads to a small balcony overlooking the beautiful neighbourhood of Old Ottawa South.

Heading to the front of the house OakWood added a beautiful master-bedroom. Finished with a ceiling fan, large windows for a panoramic view and hard wood floors. Being up on the 3rd floor and looking out to the front of the street will give you a real sense of vertigo.

Going towards the back of the house you’ll walk into a very modern bathroom but not before entering the spacious closet, which was crucial for this old home.

Home Makeover

One of our wishes was to have a closet as-well, some built in closet space which is often hard to come by in older homes again, they really delivered on a great, great walk-in closet

The en-suite bathroom is finished with a glass shower. A large window for natural lighting, equipped with blinds of course! A dual-sink vanity with granite countertop. And let’s not forget the toilet.   By the end of the project the Van Der Torres got exactly what they asked for. A spacious 3rd storey addition that would accommodate the family’s growing needs. OakWood delivered on it’s promises and completed to renovation on-time with no hidden surprises. Safe to say the Van Der Torres will be calling this home “home” for a little while longer.

Watch Erik’s Van Der Torres VIDEO testimonial right here:

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