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Build Green: Nothing goes to the landfill!

The most green construction practices in the industry

Build Green: Nothing goes to the landfill!

Eco friendly: let’s build it greener

OakWood is an Eco friendly Renovator. We only practice Build Green methods to ensure you get an environmentally friendly home. All materials will be recycled from your renovation: nothing goes to the landfill.

Our proactive eco-friendly practices also include:

Build Green

The use of sustainable materials and construction methods that use fewer resources to build, less energy to operate, have a reduced impact on the environment whenever possible, and when economically feasible.

Build Green

We support suppliers and design professionals who share our philosophy and our commitment to the planet and that use environmentally friendly practices.

Build Green

Active support for the Canada Green Building Council mission to promote green construction and generate the transformation to high-performing, healthy green buildings, homes, and communities throughout Canada.

You are in control

The level of “greenness” of your project is totally up to you. We will always use OakWood’s high build green construction standards as a base – and allow you to determine how environmentally friendly you want the design and build of your project to be. OakWood will help guide you all the way!

Build Green

Build Green construction starts with good planning

The key to an environmentally friendly renovation is good planning. Fortunately this is where OakWood truly excels: we have well-honed Eco friendly processes to ensure your renovation project is completed right and on-budget. During the planning phase of your build green project we can discuss the many green material options available in most product categories. For example:

Build Green
Build Green
Build Green
Build Green
  • Dual flush toilets are offered as one of our five standard toilet options included in our price
  • We offer an LED light fixture for a modest upgrade
  • Flooring products with natural, biodegradable materials such as wool carpets, bamboo and cork flooring
  • Tankless or instantaneous water heaters that only heat water when needed to reduce energy costs
  • Adding space without increasing the home’s footprint
  • Solar water heating
  • Hydronic heating, also primarily solar powered
  • Fresh air inlets and whole-house ventilation
  • Chemical-free insulation of recycled cellulose
  • Nearly 100% recycling of job site waste
  • Solar tube lights to minimize electric lighting
  • Zero- volatile organic compounds (VOCs) paints inside and out.
  • Hard-wax floor finish, originally designed for children’s toys.
  • Sustainably grown lumber, plywood, and hardwood flooring
  • Cement-fibre or natural wood siding
  • Energy efficient windows and weather stripping
  • Incorporating energy saving appliances and practices, on-demand water heaters, resource efficient landscaping
  • And much more!

Energy saving solutions

We can also help you incorporate a wide range of energy saving techniques in your build green renovation project to eliminate common problems including:

  • Condensation on windows
  • Drafts in rooms and corridors
  • Mould, mildew and musty odours
  • Peeling paint
  • And many others

The beauty of improving the energy efficiency of your home through eco-wise building techniques is that part of your renovation cost will be offset by reduced energy costs.

Consider re-cycled materials

Many building materials, when properly handled, can be reused and recycled for your project, or someone else’s. In fact, many recycled materials are not only environmentally friendly they are better quality than newer materials! If possible, OakWood will re-use materials: it not only saves you money, it’s good for the planet. Items that can be re-furbished and re-introduced into your project include:

  • Original trim including baseboard, casing, back band, crown moulding, chair rail
  • House wood siding, wood beaded soffit, brick and stone including sills and headers
  • Door hardware including hinges, stoppers, locks
  • Support and architectural columns
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Light fixtures (although we typically recommend re-wiring)
  • Leaded glass windows. On many projects, OakWood places the original leaded glass windows inside new windows (as casements opening in)
  • Kitchen door hardware
  • Hardwood stairs and handrail including newel posts, balusters and handrails
Build Green

We are always learning

Like many “green” contractors, we are constantly growing and learning in our commitment to environmentally sensitive building practices. The good news is that green products are constantly being developed and improved, becoming more durable, affordable, and widely available to you.

We will support you

Ultimately the level of “greenness” of your project is totally up to you. We will always use OakWood’s high standard as a base and allow you to determine what specific energy saving and environmentally friendly strategies you want designed and built into your project. OakWood will help guide you all the way.

Pull it together with the OakWood BuildPLAN™

Your decisions will be incorporated into our comprehensive OakWood BuildPLAN™, a custom roadmap for your environmentally friendly project that includes:

  • Architectural requirements
  • Design elements
  • Construction & scheduling
  • Field project management
  • City permits & inspections
Build Green

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