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3D Concept Design

See what your dream renovation will look like before we build.

3D Concept Design

Get Photo-Realistic Drawings of Your Dream Renovation

Beautiful renovations begin with a great design. That’s where OakWood’s 3D Concept Design service comes in. This service is ideal for any type of home design or renovation:

Additions     Kitchen     Attic Space     Basement     Sunrooms & Solariums     Renovation     Bathroom     Large Projects     In-Law Suite     Exterior Home Makeover

Our 3D Concept Design is perfect if you:

Are not ready to start building.

Want ideas or to brainstorm with an OakWood certified design professional.
Want to see exactly what your dream renovation will look like before construction begins.
Eliminate surprises – and reduce your risks.

Comprehensive Service

You’ll get a detailed construction-ready visual blueprint of your planned renovation that includes:

  • A feasibility study including an onsite inspection to take exact measurements
  • Brainstorming and idea sharing with our certified Design Consultants
  • A detailed floor plan layout for the scope of work
  • Material finish styles for your renovation
  • Design plan review by an experienced licenced Carpenter to ensure good building practices
  • 3D drawings with 360-degree views of your renovation
  • A comprehensive fixed price proposal with a detailed scope of work and payment schedule

You are ready to build with OakWood!

Photo realistic 3D drawings:

The heart and soul of OakWood’s 3D Concept Design Service are life-like 3D drawings of your planned renovation. You may love the concept design or want changes. No sweat, it’s easy to do.

We listen attentively to your ideas and use our award winning design expertise to bring your dream to life in a final 3D drawing that’s so real you’ll think your renovation is complete! Have a look at the process below to see what we mean.

The OakWood 3D Concept Design Process: at-a-glance

OakWood concept design consult
1Begins with a free start-up meeting at your home or at an OakWood Renovation Design Centre to discuss your renovation plans with an OakWood Design Professional
OakWood concept design site measure
2In-home meeting to take exact measurements, photograph the space to be renovated, and discuss further design ideas.
OakWood concept design line drawing
3An initial line style design concept is presented about a week later at a Renovation Design Centre nearest you. Changes can be made in real-time while you wait.
OakWood concept design watercolour
4A final watercolour and line style drawing is presented. This can be viewed in 360 degree views with a click of a button.
OakWood 3D concept design
5A final, photo realistic 3D rendering shows you exactly what your finished renovation will look like before construction begins.
OakWood concept design finished
6Final renovation. OakWood’s 3D Concept Design service accurately anticipates all details of your final renovation when you build with OakWood.

For more before and after examples click on the Concept Design Gallery in the right hand side bar. Fees are partially refunded: The fee for our Concept 3D Design Service is project dependent and depends on the size and scope of your renovation. This fee is refunded 30% when you choose to build with OakWood.

Available from the New OakWood Renovation Design Centres:

OakWood now delivers its 3D Concept Design service from the convenience of three Randall’s stores across Ottawa:

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Are you already working with an Architect or Designer?

No problem! OakWood works with the best Architects and Designers in the city.

  • If you are planning a very large or sophisticated renovation, we can recommend an Architect or Designer for your project and work with them to manage the construction stage of your project.
  • Our in-house designers and 3D Concept design expertise means we quickly get the big picture and build exactly to the design you’ve approved.
  • You can trust OakWood to build it right and on-budget to craftsman standards!

Call us at 613-236-8001 or email us to talk about how OakWood can work with you and your designer or architect or make a recommendation.

Let's Get Started!

Your first step is to call, email, or book a free in-home or in-store consultation at our new Renovation Design Centres (in 4 Randall’s stores) to discuss your home renovation ideas:
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