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Chef’s Paradise

Access to the best kitchen and tabletop items from around the world

OakWood has partnered with Chef’s Paradise, a leader in quality kitchenware and appliances for both professional and amateur chefs alike. Chef’s Paradise has partnered with OakWood to deliver unique products and services to their clients by hosting events with access to OakWood’s award winning Design Centre. OakWood has access to a wide variety of unique kitchen brands, materials and tabletop items from around the world, making it even easier to design your dream kitchen.

Exclusive Events

Chef’s Paradise has access to OakWood’s award-winning Design Centre for exclusive events such as wine tastings, cooking classes as well as live demonstrations. This means access to state-of-the-art facilities equipped with luxurious appliances, beautiful finishes and the ultimate kitchen showstopper – a La Cornue stove.

You can learn more about upcoming events here.