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Building Success Together

In 2018, OakWood formed a powerful partnership with PCL Construction, a group of leading general contracting construction companies with extensive operations across Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and Australia. This strategic alliance has opened up new opportunities for OakWood, enabling us to take on more diverse roles in complex, large-scale investment projects. As a result of this collaboration, OakWood can now serve as a designer-builder, general contractor, or construction manager for significant investment projects that require adherence to special government compliance regulations or specialized heavy industrial construction standards. With a powerhouse team boasting over 160 years of combined experience, we are confident in our ability to tackle your project’s unique challenges and deliver exceptional results.

Whether your project is big or small, we have the expertise and resources to make it a resounding success. Contact us today and discover how this partnership can bring unmatched excellence to your investment property. Let’s build success together.

Investment Opportunities for Your Financial Growth


  • Build or upgrade a semi-detached home or duplex
  • Generate two streams of rental income to increase overall cash flow and provide a stable income source
  • Dual units reduce the risk of losing all rental income at once


  • Steady rental income with all units being rented at once
  • Build from scratch or renovate an existing apartment building
  • Appreciates in value over time, especially in areas where the demand for rental housing is high
  • Long term, stable return on investment


  • An enhanced version of a three or four-unit building
  • With an increased overall profitability of investment
  • Higher in demand with more privacy than apartments, with fewer shared walls and private yard
  • Build equity to provide additional financial benefits
  • Generate revenue from quick sales of individual units
Mixed-Use Development


  • Commercial space at the ground level with optional underground parking and residential units above
  • Provides a convenient and attractive option for residents who want easy access to services and amenities
  • Retail space provides commercial income from tenants while residential units generate rental income
  • Less risk of having all units vacant at once, reducing vacancy rates and maintaining a steady stream of income


Smart Solutions for Success

At OakWood, we’ve re-imagined investment projects with our “Design-by-Budget” approach. Understanding your investment level is our starting point, ensuring a tailored Design & Build solution that fits your budget. No surprises – just seamless and successful projects.

Predictable Results, Holistic Approach
Unlike others, we prioritize your budget from the outset. Our holistic approach guarantees designs that are built within your investment level and timeline. Expect on-budget results without compromising quality.

The Power of Technology
Leveraging our cutting-edge CRM systems, we offer real-time updates and streamlined communication. Our team’s cloud-based software ensure efficient project management and high-touch collaboration.

Comprehensive Expertise
With OakWood, you get a complete team – from Project Managers to specialized in-house experts. Our Project Managers serve as your one-point-of-contact, providing accountability from start to finish.

Choose OakWood for Success

Experience the difference of our “Design-by-Budget” approach. Let us help you create your ideal investment building and count on us for state-of-the-art, eco-friendly solutions. No surprises, just investment property success.

Infill Lots

Investing in Infill Development with OakWood

Investing in infill properties, also known as infill development, can be a lucrative endeavor for investors. Infill lots refer to vacant or underutilized land parcels within existing urban or suburban areas, typically surrounded by existing infrastructure and communities.

Building investment properties on infill lots offers several advantages. Firstly, it maximizes the use of existing urban or suburban infrastructure, reducing urban sprawl and its associated environmental impact. Infill development can revitalize underutilized areas, improving the aesthetics and functionality of communities. Additionally, it can help alleviate housing shortages in densely populated regions by increasing housing supply. From an investor’s perspective, infill properties often benefit from proximity to established amenities and have the potential for quicker appreciation in value, offering a promising return on investment. Overall, infill development presents a sustainable and economically viable option for real estate investors seeking to capitalize on existing urban spaces while addressing housing needs and enhancing neighborhood livability.
Building plans for infill lot
OakWood’s specialization in infill lot development adds a crucial dimension to the appeal of investing in these properties. With their expertise, investors gain a strategic advantage in navigating the unique challenges associated with infill development, such as complex zoning regulations and community engagement. OakWood’s services span the entire project lifecycle, from initial feasibility assessments to design, permitting, construction, and property management, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless approach to infill development. Their deep understanding of local markets and regulations, coupled with their commitment to environmentally sustainable building practices, positions them as a trusted partner for investors looking to leverage the potential of infill lots. By collaborating with OakWood, investors can optimize their infill development projects, enhancing the value they bring to both communities and their investment portfolios.

Maximizing Your Investment Property’s Potential

with a Feasibility Analysis

Comprehensive Evaluation for Complex Projects

Obtain a clear and unbiased evaluation of your project’s viability through OakWood’s Feasibility Analysis – an indispensable service tailored for complex or extensive investment properties. Whether your concerns revolve around viability, design alternatives, or navigating city regulations, this assessment stands as your key to success.

Tailored Recommendations for Your Investment Properties

Our team of experts undertakes a meticulous evaluation, taking into account technical, resource-related, and financial factors. Grounded in this comprehensive analysis, we furnish personalized recommendations that are specific to your investment property. Opting for a feasibility analysis constitutes a strategic choice, affording you the means to mitigate risks, ascertain the project’s value, and ensure its alignment with your financial objectives.

Proceed With Confidence

Move ahead with unwavering confidence, as OakWood’s Feasibility Analysis unveils the true potential of your investment project. This entails evaluating its structural, financial, and functional feasibility, all while adhering to city and provincial guidelines. We identify any potential obstacles that might impede your progress and present viable solutions, thereby empowering you to advance with certainty.

Strategic Design & Build Factors

At OakWood, we’re dedicated to optimizing your investment property’s revenue potential through innovative design. This often involves pushing boundaries and embracing new ideas. Here’s what we’ll address during the design, planning, and material selection phases.
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Effective Sound Insulation and Air Sealing

For premium tenants and higher returns, prioritizing soundproofing and air sealing is essential. This investment leads to longer leases and lower tenant turnover.

Elevated Energy Efficiency Standards

As certified Net Zero builders, we excel in energy-efficient construction. This not only reduces your property’s carbon footprint but also slashes heating and cooling costs. Happy, comfortable tenants stay longer and refer others.

Strategic Mechanical Component Placement

The location of mechanical systems matters. Easy access for maintenance and repairs is crucial. Our designs simplify upkeep and ensure smooth operation.

“We look at all areas where costs will be incurred,
anticipated ROI, and provide hypothetical financing
scenarios for your project to ensure a scope of work that’s appropriate for your investment.”

– Patricia Liptak-Satov, Chief Operations Officer for OakWood

OakWood’s Suite of Services

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

OakWood specializes in creating innovative and customized solutions for homes and buildings. We help you choose the best products, materials, and technologies based on your preferences.
Home Renovations Services

Renovation Experts

We have the expertise to transform your space, whether it’s your dream kitchen, additions, basements, attic conversions, in-law suites, sunrooms, bathrooms, or any other renovation project.
Custom cabinetry for any room in the home.

Custom Cabinetry

Turnkey custom cabinetry solutions for every room in your home. Our high-quality, customizable solid wood cabinets are built without compromising quality with unlimited design options.
Home Addition Expert

Custom Homes

Since 1956, OakWood has been dedicated to building high-quality custom homes that transform our clients’ visions and dreams into reality. We provide complete end-to-end solutions, managing every aspect.
Home Addition Expert

Home Additions

Expand your living space with OakWood. Our skilled team transforms your home with seamless, high-quality additions, tailored to your specific needs.
Kitchen renovation by OakWood

Kitchen Remodel

Let OakWood transform your kitchen into a functional and beautiful space where luxury and innovation seamlessly blend together.
Commercial Services

Commercial Development

From office spaces to retail establishments, we provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions for commercial projects.
Townhouse for investment opportunity

Investment Properties

We assist homeowners and investors in developing property strategies tailored to their investment goals. We create attractive spaces that maximize rental or lease income.

Let’s Get Started

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