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Design & Build Services

A Complete Design & Build Solution From the Ground Up

Since 1956, OakWood has been providing a specialized Design & Build service to help homeowners and investors generate ongoing rental or lease income from various property strategies in the Ottawa market. 

These include:

  • Finding, evaluating and preparing a site
  • Obtaining city inspections, ministry of labour and engineering documents
  • Developing or adapting a concept design
  • Developing a fixed-price investment level based on concept design and final plan
  • Live pricing using state-of-the-art proprietary construction specific software to ensure an accurate, up-to-date budget throughout the project
  • Product and material selection from interior to exterior
  • Construction work, project scheduling and field project management of all Suppliers and Trade Partners

Investment Options

Choose the best investment project based on your needs


  • Build or upgrade a semi-detached home or duplex
  • Generate two streams of rental income to increase overall cash flow and provide a stable income source
  • Dual units reduce the risk of losing all rental income at once


  • Steady rental income with all units being rented at once
  • Build from scratch or renovate an existing apartment building
  • Appreciates in value over time, especially in areas where the demand for rental housing is high
  • Long term, stable return on investment


  • An enhanced version of a three or four-unit building
  • With an increased overall profitability of investment
  • Higher in demand with more privacy than apartments, with fewer shared walls and private yard
  • Build equity to provide additional financial benefits
  • Generate revenue from quick sales of individual units


  • Commercial space at the ground level with optional underground parking and residential units above
  • Provides a convenient and attractive option for residents who want easy access to services and amenities
  • Retail space provides commercial income from tenants while residential units generate rental income
  • Less risk of having all units vacant at once, reducing vacancy rates and maintaining a steady stream of income

Each investment option:

Is 100% owned by you
Includes liaison with the City to check zoning and ensure full compliance with bylaws
Is backed by OakWood’s extensive experience with residential and commercial construction over the past 65 years
Designed to provide you with predictable monthly income generated from tenants (or an immediate resale)
Provides a high-quality, turnkey Design & Build solution for your investment option

Start with the OakWood Feasibility Assessment

Ensure your investment project is doable. Identify potential issues and solutions before you design.

Get an objective analysis of your investment project

The OakWood Feasibility Assessment is an a-la-carte, early stage service that we recommend for large investment projects. This can include apartment buildings, town homes, and any type of commercial space where concern exists about viability, design options, or the ability to move forward with the City.

Following an objective evaluation of key feasibility factors including technical, resource, and financial considerations, we provide detailed recommendations for your investment project. A feasibility analysis is an important way to de-risk your project, worth the investment, or doable with existing resources and time.

Find out whether you should move forward or not

What we look at

The  comprehensive OakWood Feasibility Assessment includes:

  • Assessment of project 
  • Analysis of budget relative to requirements
  • Site appraisal requirements (geographical study, contamination, availability of City services, environmental impact, etc.)
  • City zoning and planning regulations
  • Assessment of maintenance and operational issues
  • Consultation with third parties such as City Planners, Architects, and other stakeholders as required

Proceed with confidence

The major outcome of the OakWood Feasibility Assessment is knowing whether your project is possible from a structural, construction, financial and functional standpoint while being compliant with all city and provincial guidelines. The assessment uncovers any issues that could derail your project and enables you to proceed with confidence. 

When issues or threats are identified, we will identify opportunities and realistic options for moving forward where possible.

Feasibility Analysis, Proceed with confidence

“We look at all areas where costs will be incurred,
anticipated ROI, and provide hypothetical financing
scenarios for your project to ensure a scope of work that’s appropriate for your investment.”

– Patricia Liptak-Satov, Chief Operations Officer, OakWood

Want to Learn More?

Our Investment Property Service is tailored to your investment objectives, experience, risk level, whether you intend to outsource property management services, your long-term goals, and other factors. The quality of services provided by our Canadian real estate experts will ensure a well-managed, carefully planned strategy for you to generate ongoing rental income. 

Your first-step is to request a personal, confidential consultation to talk about your many options with OakWood:


Find out how we will work with you


Discuss investment project best suited to your needs


Get insight to the Ottawa market and premium locations

Learn more about our strategic partnerships with top architects, real estate professionals, and property management firms to provide a one-stop, turnkey property investment solution

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