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Get Started with your Renovation Project

3 Easy ways to get started on your next renovation with OakWood

Get started with your Renovation Project in 3 easy ways

OakWood offers 3 easy Get Started Services to get you ready for your next renovation project. Watch our short video to see which Get Started Service works best for you!

  • FREE QuickQuote – find how much your renovation will cost
  • FullQuote – get a detailed, firm price for your renovation
  • 3D Concept Design – see what your dream renovation will look like before we build

What service is best? It all depends on the decisions you have made and where you are in your renovation planning. Watch our short video to see.

Just starting out and want to know how much your renovation will cost?

Get started with your Renovation Project

Find out with OakWood’s FREE QuickQuote™

QuickQuote is hands down the easiest way to jumpstart your renovation. Available as an in-home or in-store consultation, at one of OakWood’s Renovation Design Centres located in Randall’s stores across the City, you get:

    • Expert renovation advice from an OakWood Design Professional
    • Three realistic budget ranges for your renovation
    • Hundreds of ideas and examples of similar renovations

Watch the video to see how our QuickQuote works and what you get.


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Have a budget in mind? Ready to start your renovation?

Get a fixed-price, FullQuote™

Every item of your renovation is itemized with a realistic budget allocation– right down to the doorstoppers!

Once you have a budget in mind or you are ready to build, it’s time to sit down and hammer out exactly what will be included in your renovation. That’s what happens with OakWood’s FullQuote.

Here’s what you get with FullQuote:

  • A 50 to 250 page fixed-price, fully itemized proposal.
  • A complete build-ready document with all material & product selections – all with specific and realistic budget allocations based on your decisions.
  • Everything you need for a turnkey Design + Build renovation that is done right and on-budget from OakWood.
  • The price we quote is the price you pay unless you make changes during the concept design and final material selection process
OakWood's FullQuote for your Renovation Project

Want to see what your renovation will look before we build?

OakWood's 3D Concept Design for your Renovation Project

3D Concept Design

Get Photo-Realistic Drawings of Your Dream Renovation. Beautiful renovations begin with a great design. That’s where OakWood’s 3D Concept Design service comes in. This service is ideal for any type of home design or renovation. Our clients love this service because it provides a stepped process for brainstorming, designing, planning, and finalizing any type of home renovation.


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