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Whether you’re planning your dream kitchen, a custom home, an investment property or commercial building, OakWood provides a unique, one stop Design & Build service.


Over 65 years of experience


Largest selection of Design & Build services


Respected innovation leader


Eco-wise builder


Professional, credentialed in-house experts


On-budget guaranteed


Code of Ethics


Best Trade Partners and Suppliers in Canada


High performance solutions


Material selection made easy


A name you can trust


Honored with many awards

A Legacy of Craftsmanship and Innovation in Design & Build

A family affair—four generations of Liptak are behind your project

OakWood is a family-run Design & Build business in Ottawa with a rich history spanning four generations. Founded in 1956 as a small carpentry and renovation venture, it has evolved into Ottawa’s most recognized name in Design and Build.

The legacy began with John Liptak, a Master Carpenter and Cabinet Maker from Germany, passing down his skills to his son, John Liptak II, who brought the family’s craftsmanship to Canada. In 1956, OakWood was founded and continues to uphold its proud legacy.

John Liptak III, the founder’s son, modernized the company by combining traditional building practices with cutting-edge technology. As the President and CEO, he maintains the company’s values.

The next generation, Patricia Liptak-Satov and Angela Mallon, play crucial roles. Patricia, as COO, combines her construction passion with her business expertise, while Angela, as CFO, manages the financial resources. Both bring a fresh perspective and diversity to the traditionally male-dominated industry.

Their dedication, inherited from previous generations, solidifies OakWood’s position as a trusted name in Ottawa’s Design and Build industry. OakWood has a strong reputation for innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, earning industry awards and accolades.

Largest selection of Design & Build services in the City

One call is all you need

OakWood provides the largest suite of specialized Design & Build services in Ottawa with solutions tailored to specific needs and budgets. And we’ve assembled the largest Team of Design & Build experts all under one roof. Whether you’re planning your dream custom home, a renovation or any type of residential or commercial building, we provide you with all the services you need from one trusted and reliable company.

Our comprehensive services now include: Architectural Design, Renovation Experts, Panic Rooms, Age-in-Place, Custom Homes, Estate Lots, In-fill Projects, Commercial Services, and Property Investments. We also have a dedicated production line inside Cabico, North America’s largest independent manufacturer of customized cabinetry, enabling you to get customized solutions at affordable prices.

  • Fair price for quality work
  • Access to the award winning OakWood Design Centre for all material selections
  • Eco-wise construction methods with reusable materials being donated to Habitat for Humanity and other great causes
  • Meticulous planning and project management using state-of-the art, construction specific software and tools
  • Fast and accurate estimates
  • A dedicated Production Manager to provide one point of contact
  • True passion and the experience you need to make your dream renovation, custom home, or building a reality today
  • Courteous, professional workers who will be respectful of your home and on-time
  • Your project completed on-budget with no surprise “extra” costs
  • Access to a password protected Client Portal to get real-time updates on your project
  • 24-hour emergency hotline service
  • Comprehensive 1 to 10-year warranty on all products and services
  • Access to the best Design + Build Team of professionals in Ottawa

Respected innovation leader

John Liptak – receiving an Algonquin College Alumni of Distinction Award

Over the past six decades, OakWood has become a recognized innovation leader in both residential and commercial construction, and a company of many firsts. 

  • The first and only Canadian contractor to Design & Build its own award winning, Design Centre and Corporate Headquarters to LEED Platinum standards to showcase the most innovative materials and technologies available today
  • The first Ottawa contractor to win the Consumer Choice awards for Best Home Designer and Renovator, every year since these awards were introduced in 2008
  • The first to win Ontario Renovator of the Year award, and then to win it again
  • The first and only contractor to guarantee a fixed-price contract for all work with everything itemized by brand name, fit and finish
  • The only Canadian Design & Build business to develop its own, proprietary client relationship management software to ensure an exceptionally well-managed project that is on-budget, guaranteed
  • The only contractor to provide real-time updates and all project documentation and road map through a password protected VIP Client Portal—see everything, anywhere, anytime from an IP enabled device
  • The first and only Canadian contractor to own a technology company as well as a construction company and combine the newest technologies with the Design + Build construction industry
  • And many others

This growing list of “first” means only one thing: you can trust OakWood to Design & Build your project to the highest standards in the City—and always on-budget, guaranteed.

Choose high performance, energy-saving solutions

Today, OakWood specializes in high performance Design & Build solutions for custom homes, renovations, and any type of residential or commercial building. By “high performance” we simply mean giving you the ability to choose the most innovative products, materials and technologies, based on your priorities, in four, fast changing areas:

  • Energy-efficient, low-cost renewable energy products for reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint
  • Technology enablement, including the Smart Home and intelligent building automation, all in a wireless format
  • Healthy living and work environments through toxin-free materials
  • Sustainable, green-building materials and environmental leadership through responsible construction practices

Material selection made easy

Everything you need is under one roof!

The award-winning OakWood Design Centre is a unique LEED Platinum building that showcases over 7,500 energy-efficient, high-quality items through unique, fully functioning displays—with access to over 150,000 items in our extensive database.

The Design Centre is the backbone of OakWood’s Design & Build service, driving an inspirational yet efficient material selection process that is unmatched in the City. No running around from one supplier to another to choose products. Everything you need to plan, design, and choose materials for a custom home, renovation, or commercial building is conveniently located under one roof.

Featured Services

See how the Design Centre will support your project and give you a Design & Build solution like no other in the City

The OakWood Design Centre

  • See one-of-a-kind displays showcasing the most innovative materials and design options for your project
  • Enjoy the freedom to choose materials from any manufacturer in the World—or from our quality, OakWood approved Partners
  • See your final material selections represented architectural renderings; so, you know exactly what your project will look like—before we lift a hammer
  • Work with our in-house designers or external Architects or Design consultants of your choice
  • Interesting facts about the OakWood Building!

12 Geothermal wells provide Heating/Cooling

  • Close to net zero producing 82 percent of the building’s power requirements
  • All Furniture is re-manufactured to meet LEED requirements
  • No light switches—everything is automated using motion, noise and heat sensors
  • State-of-the-art wireless technology to remotely manage all building systems
  • 90 percent of material used in the construction was sourced locally and falls within 800 kilometers including the steel that was mined and used in the building
  • All lumber is FSC rated and comes from areas where trees are replanted for future use
  • All paints have low or no VOC content
  • Building constantly maintains a 35% fresh intake of air
  • Landscape boulders – Armour Stone is mined in nearby Hawkesbury
  • Each stone on the building was hand chipped by a mason
  • Exterior landscaping lights are called “Rusty Slots”
  • We have 14,000 sq ft of interlock
  • Interlock Stone is called Aquapave Natural Pavers—stones allow water to pass through them instead of pooling
  • We have 17 different bathrooms showcasing 17 different bathroom tile layouts
  • 92% of waste generated during construction was recycled
  • All windows and curtain walls are made of Sunguard—Low E Glass—keeps the heat out in the summer and the heat in during the winter
  • All trees planted on the property come from nearby Manotick Tree Farms
  • The solar panels on the south facing roof provide 44% of the buildings power requirements
  • And lots more—come and see for yourself

Eco-wise Builder

Leading by example: how we support eco-friendly methods and fight climate change

OakWood practices the most environmentally sound construction methods in the industry today. Any reusable material from a renovation or construction site is redirected where possible to families in need or directly to our Partner, Habitat for Humanity, and used to support new building & renovation projects for families in need. Material that can not be reused is recycled: OakWood subcontracts with the leading environmental services company in Ottawa to ensure compliance with the Environmental Protection Act while embracing the practice of reducing waste, reusing and recycling.

OakWood’s new corporate headquarters and Design Centre is a testament to our commitment to eco-friendly construction methods.

This 22,700 sq. ft. building is expected to achieve one of the highest Platinum LEED certified buildings in Canada – and a showcase for building green.

Here’s a partial list of the many innovative environmentally techniques used to qualify for LEED certification:

  • Low-flow plumbing system (toilets and faucets are all low-flow)
  • All building materials are environmentally safe products AND LEED certified (this is important because everyone claims to be enviro-safe but that doesn’t mean anything). I.e. no or low VOC adhesives and paints, carpet fibres etc.
  • Grey water recovery and rainwater harvesting stored on site to reduce water consumption
  • High efficiency thermal Shell – we employ a triple wall system that provides R58 insulation rating
  • Clean air is maintained by our ERV system to ensure the air quality is balanced and efficiently replaced with fresh air
  • Windows are low-e, argon, filled with sun-guard coatings—very energy efficient. Window shades are reflective energy efficient shades
  • In-floor radiant floor heating throughout the building. Much more efficient and even heating throughout the building
  • BASF green Walltite eco spray foam is used throughout the building as insulation
  • Roof shingles used have high reflective index value
  • All building materials / construction waste are put through a strict recycling process
  • All building materials are sourced locally (within an 800 km radius) to reduce carbon emissions generated in transportation
  • All lumber used is FSC (forest stewardship council)certified. That means the lumber was acquired via a supplier that ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that are evaluated to meet FSC’s strict environmental and social standards.
  • All Furniture is re-manufactured to meet LEED requirements
  • 90 percent of material used in the construction was sourced locally and falls within 800 kilometers including the steel that was mined and used in the building
  • All paints have low or no VOC content
  • Automated heating and cooling systems that sense surplus heat or cooling in different areas of the building and deliver to areas in need
  • Building constantly maintains a 35% fresh intake of air
  • Landscape boulders – Armour Stone is mined in nearby Hawkesbury
  • Interlock Stone is called Aquapave Natural Pavers—stones allow water to pass through them instead of pooling
  • The solar panels on the south facing roof provide 44% of the buildings power requirements

A Name You Can Trust

Since 1956, OakWood brings trusted Design & Build experience to your investment property project. Along the way, we have been honoured with many of the industry’s most prestigious awards including:

Consumer Choice Award for Excellence in Home Renovation & Design every year since 2008

Houzz Best Design and Best Service

The only contractor to win the coveted Torch Award for Marketplace Trust from the Better Business Bureau – twice

Best Design Centre in Canada (Canadian Home Builders’ Association)

Renovator of the Year (Ontario Home Builder’s Association)

Most Outstanding Renovation award for up to $100,000 (Ontario Home Builders Association)

Two-time winner of the Best Ottawa Business (BOB) Award for Most Outstanding Company

Many other Design and Build awards from the Ontario Home Builders’ Association as well as the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association

Work is completed by credentialed in-house experts

You never get a “Jack-of-all-Trades”

OakWood brings together a specialized team of in-house experts to support every step in our unique Design & Build approach for both residential and commercial projects. We only hire the very best credentialed expertise to ensure every task of your project is completed by the right pro.

  • Project Consultants
  • Certified Designers
  • Architectural Technologists
  • Project Managers
  • Construction specific Estimators
  • Interior Designers
  • Material Selection Coordinators
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Resource Schedulers
  • and other experts.

On-budget guaranteed

When we say “on-budget” we mean it!

Many contractors promise a residential or commercial Design & Build project that will be “on-budget” and “well-managed”. Can they deliver? With OakWood, you’ll receive a final fixed price agreement based on the material selections for your project. Everything will be itemized by brand name, fit and finish. If you make a change during the material selection stage, you’ll see your budget updated in real-time.

You are always in full control of your investment level. What you sign is what you’ll pay to the penny unless you authorize a change order in writing. This is how we can guarantee your project will be on budget with no surprises or “extras.”Plus, every detail of your agreement along with production schedules are accessible to you 24/7 from our VIP Client Portal—so you know the exact status of your project once construction begins.

Guided by a clear mission, vision and code of ethics

What you can expect from OakWood

OakWood’s vision is to support individuals, families, and businesses in pursuit of a Great Life. Our mission is simply to create beautifully designed buildings that are energy-efficient, healthy and eco-friendly—while providing exceptional client support. Our vision and mission are guided by a Code of Ethics that establishes the highest quality standards of business integrity and honesty on every Design & Build project. Our Code of Ethics is more than a collection of ideals: it is a commitment to a way of doing business and an explicit promise of how we will operate as a company. All individuals employed by or engaged by OakWood will be held accountable for adhering to this Code.

At OakWood we value our relationships. Where would we be without our relationships? Our connections with families, friends, coworkers, trade partners and clients are vital to our success.

Our Commitment to Clients

We will treat our client’s home or building and property with utmost respect and leave them as clean as when we started their project. All work being performed will meet or exceed building codes. From start to finish we will demonstrate integrity, honesty, and the highest levels of professionalism. We will work hard to deliver more than we promised through value added services.

Our Commitment to Employees and Trade Partners

Our employees and Trade Partners are a vital and respected part of the OakWood family. We will treat all employees and Trade Partners equally and fairly. In an effort to improve and uphold the highest quality and performance standards we will foster training opportunities on an ongoing basis. The health and safety of our employees and Trade Partners is the highest priority and we will enforce stringent health and safety practices on all projects. Above all, we will only hire certified professionals with the highest integrity and who will uphold our Code of Ethics.

Professional, high quality services

OakWood will only undertake jobs for which we are qualified given our experience and technical competencies. We will perform all work to the highest quality construction and service standards. Clients can count on us to stand behind our work and if required we will take care of call-backs while ensuring minimal inconvenience to our client.

Services will never be provided under terms or conditions that may compromise the integrity of our trade or profession. OakWood’s services will always be advertised honestly and without deception, exaggerated claims or any misrepresentation. We will always maintain a wholly professional attitude and behavior towards those we serve, our fellow contractors, our own employees, suppliers, and the public at large.

Social Responsibility

We will strive for the highest quality in all our endeavors and always act responsibly and with honesty in a quest to be excellent corporate citizens. OakWood will foster better health and safety of our communities by sharing knowledge of new environmental developments and technological advancements with the communities we serve. We will embrace new environmentally friendly technologies and building practices and incorporate Green practices to minimize pollution and waste to reduce the environmental impact of our construction projects.

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