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Navigating Ottawa’s Future

OakWood’s Innovative Approach to Land Development 

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is not only a beacon of political significance but is rapidly emerging as a dynamic hub for real estate investment and development. Within this landscape of opportunity, OakWood, a cornerstone in Ottawa’s design and build industry since 1956, stands as a reliable guide to investors seeking exceptional opportunities. 

Exceptional Opportunities, Trusted Leadership 

At the forefront of Ottawa’s real estate transformation is OakWood, leveraging its extensive experience as one of the city’s foremost design and build contractors. The owners of OakWood, also own several companies that complement the land development, real estate and construction industry, all being industry-leading experts for many years. 

This award-winning team, comprising of well-known and highly respected professionals, is strategically assembled to navigate the intricate landscape of real estate investment. Drawing from diverse backgrounds in real estate, law, infrastructure development, residential and commercial construction, and accounting, OakWood’s consortium ensures a comprehensive and informed approach to identifying, assessing, and developing real estate opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

A Strategic Tapestry: OakWood’s Land Development Strategy 

OakWood’s land development strategy is carefully aligned with the ever-evolving dynamics of Ottawa’s real estate market. The emphasis is on identifying undervalued or underutilized properties, presenting investors with a spectrum of investment horizons tailored to specific property attributes. The strategy encompasses: 

1. Long-Term Investments 

Properties strategically located just outside the current city expansion area but poised to be absorbed in future expansions. This foresighted approach positions investors for substantial long-term gains as Ottawa’s urban boundaries inevitably expand. 

2. Short to Long-Term Investments 

Properties situated adjacent to existing developments in key locations around the city. This provides investors with a nuanced range of short to long-term investment potential, capitalizing on the city’s growth hotspots. 

3. Immediate to Short-Term Investments 

Properties that are already zoned and prepared for immediate development or construction. This category offers investors the opportunity for immediate returns, catering to those seeking a more accelerated investment timeline. 

This multifaceted approach reflects OakWood’s commitment to optimizing returns based on the unique attributes of each property. It demonstrates a forward-thinking strategy that aligns seamlessly with Ottawa’s growth trajectory, making it an enticing prospect for investors seeking diversified opportunities in the real estate market. 

The OakWood Advantage


Proven Track Record

OakWood’s legacy of excellence in our in-house Design & Build projects, instills confidence in investors, showcasing a consistent track record of successful ventures since 1956.


Comprehensive Expertise

The hand-picked team of experts in the Liptak group of companies, ensures a holistic approach to every aspect of the land development process. This diverse skill-set positions OakWood as a leader in comprehensive real estate strategy.


Strategic Vision

OakWood’s approach is not merely reactive but anticipatory, aligning with the dynamic landscape of Ottawa’s growth. This strategic vision positions investors for sustained success in an ever-evolving market. 


Trusted Consortium

The trust associated with OakWood extends seamlessly to the other Liptak group of companies. Investors can place confidence in the Liptak Group’s ability to navigate and capitalize on the nuances of the rapidly evolving real estate and Ottawa investment market. 

Invest in Ottawa’s Future With OakWood

Embarking on a journey of land development in Ottawa with OakWood is an invitation to unparalleled opportunities guided by a trusted consortium. The strategic approach, coupled with a wealth of expertise, positions investors to unlock the full potential of Ottawa’s dynamic real estate landscape. As the city continues to evolve, OakWood remains a steadfast partner, offering a visionary guide through the intricate tapestry of successful and lucrative land development ventures. Invest in Ottawa’s future with OakWood, with successful land development projects since 1956. 

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OakWood’s Innovative Approach to Land Development

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