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Are you planning a new custom home or a significant renovation? Is reducing or eliminating energy costs and sustainability top priorities? Then we invite you to speak with one of OakWood’s Net Zero Experts.

In addition to bringing over 65 years of Design & Build experience to your project, OakWood is also proud to be a Certified Net Zero Home Builder, meeting the stringent requirements established by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA). This is the most advanced energy performance standard available for making your home more energy efficient, comfortable, and resilient.

As a Certified Net Zero Builder, we can give you the best of both worlds: a home that is beautifully designed while providing exceptional state-of-the-art energy performance and the ultimate in comfort.

Find out how we can give you a custom home that is beautifully designed while fighting climate change. Book a preliminary free consultation or call us at 613 236-8001.

CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program

The CHBA Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes program recognize leadership and innovation in in high performance housing.

Becoming recognized as a Certified Net Zero Home Builder involves completing rigorous two-tiered technical requirements involving third party validation during the design and construction process. A final pressurized air tightness test (door blower test) confirms the minimum air leakage required to qualify as a Net Zero labeled home.
OakWood is a Certified Net Zero Home Builder. In October 2020, a media announcement and ceremonial event by CHBA took place onsite at OakWood’s first Net Zero Ready custom home.

An OakWood built Net Zero home uses the most innovate solutions from leading-edge suppliers including:

Why choose a Net Zero Ready home?

Net Zero homes produce as much energy as they consume. They are 80 percent more energy efficient than current homes built to code. Renewable energy systems such as solar panels and wind power generate the remaining energy needed, resulting in a EnerGuide rating of zero.

In addition to energy efficiency, a Net Zero home is designed to provide consistent temperatures throughout the year and eliminate drafts. The home is built with renewable materials and finishes to provide the healthiest living space possible.

A Net Zero Ready home meets all the requirements of a Net Zero home but does not have the energy producing capability installed yet.

Top benefits of a Net Zero Home

At the top of the list of benefits are huge savings on your energy bills. That means more of your hard earned money stays in your pocket rather than going to Hydro One! You are also insulated from future increases in energy costs which over time could be substantial.

A Net Zero home is built using state-of-the-art heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. That means more even temperatures and a more comfortable living space all year round. Airtight walls plus built-in filtration reduces or eliminates pollutants such as dust and pollen, which are known triggers for asthma. Because Net Zero homes are built using advanced materials and technologies, they have lower maintenance costs and higher expected resale value.

Key requirements for achieving Net Zero

Meeting the requirements for Net Zero involves designing and building a home that is exceptionally airtight with increased levels of insulation. High efficiency HVAC systems and Energy Star appliances are used to help keep energy use down. Load reduction strategies such as LED lighting and low flow fixtures are used to reduce water consumption.

Home orientation on a lot is an important consideration for taking advantage of heat warmth and light from the sun. Solar panels are a key requirement for a Net Zero home and used to produce the renewable energy for heating and cooling systems, lighting, and appliances.

OakWood will integrate these and many other considerations into a detailed, customized Design & Build solution if a certified Net Zero home is your goal.

Build or retrofit your home to future standards today

Federal, provincial, and territorial governments are working to develop and adopt increasingly stringent model building codes. The goal that provinces and territories have adopted is a “Net-Zero Energy Ready” model building code by 2030.

By building or retrofitting your home to Net Zero, you are embracing the building efficiencies of tomorrow, today. In addition to exceptional energy performance and comfort you will live in a home that is at the forefront of sustainability and healthy living.

The OakWood Design & Build approach

OakWood specializes in designing and building high performance homes that use the most energy efficient and technologically advanced solutions available today. Many of these solutions are displayed or readily available through our state-of-the-art, award winning LEED Platinum Design Centre. This leading-edge facility supports the most inspirational yet efficient material selection experience in the City: everything you need for your Net Zero or Net Zero Ready home is under one roof. And you have virtually unlimited options with the ability to choose materials from any manufacturer in the world.

If you’re planning a new custom home or retrofitting an existing home to Net Zero standards you owe it to yourself to schedule a tour of our Design Centre. Come and see your many options, meet our experienced team, and see how we’ll work with you to design and build the most energy efficient and comfortable home possible.

No Compromises on Beauty with OakWood

OakWood’s first Net Zero Ready home melds state-of-the-art design with high energy efficiency solution to meet the requirements for CHBA’s Net Zero Home Labeling Program.


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