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Ensuring your home supports the way you live today

Like most homeowners, you are doing more in your home than ever before. Your home may be a workplace for earning a living and learning, particularly if you have school age children. And you may also be using your home for more indoor play, exercise, and creative activities. Having your home function well for these and other activities means looking at your space differently.

That’s why OakWood increasingly sees your home as the hub for everything you do. It’s more multi-functional with multi-use spaces that need to work better for how you live, learn, earn, and enjoy in your home. We use this as a framework to provide design solutions that better meet your new or expanded needs. This can lead to different ideas for layout, design, connectivity, and the material choices that will best support the way you live.

It’s all part of OakWood’s unique Design & Build service. To learn more call 613-236-8001 or schedule a free consult.

“By looking at your home as the hub for everything you do, the OakWood Team provides you with the best design and material recommendations to meet your needs today.”

– Patricia Liptak-Satov, VP Operations, OakWood

How we approach Your Home Is Your Hub

Looking at your home as your hub is part of how we approach design for any renovation or new custom home. We help you consider “the whole home” for any project to make sure the end result is a space that will work for what you need it to be today and in the future.

Design follows function

We are design and build experts that look at every aspect of the home when planning a renovation or new home build. We start by understanding how you will use your space, how you need your home to function to better support your lifestyle and what’s important to you. Whether it is the function and design, materials and finishes, build process and quality, a healthy home, energy efficient home, safe and secure home or a connected home that embraces SMART technologies.

Together, we’re redefining how we design and build. We do this by understanding the multi-functional role of today’s home. And by turning ideas into action through design solutions and material choices that meet the needs of our clients and how they need their home to work for everything they do.

Top ranked interior features desired by homeowners

OakWood stays on top of fast changing trends and homeowner preferences to provide design and build solutions that work for how clients use their home today. Did you know that the top ranked interior features desired by homeowners are kitchens with an island, designated formal dining and living rooms, home office, and less interest in a fully open concept design. These and many other trends reveal the way homeowners are starting to think differently about their home and what they need their spaces to do. Let’s talk about your home or renovation to see what’s important to you.

Connected Home

The OakWood Team can consider the type of connectivity you need for a given room, space, or your entire home. The top ranked features desired by today’s homeowners are WiFi thermostat, lighting automation, and security systems. Not surprisingly, Smart Home technology is forecast to have significant growth, including video entertainment, home monitoring & security, smart speakers, lighting, thermostats, and others. Almost 60 of homeowners want SMART appliances. Let’s talk about your connectivity needs.

Energy Efficiency

More and more of our clients are looking for energy efficient solutions to lower their heating and cooling costs, in addition to reducing their carbon footprint. Increasingly, as part of a total home solution, we are helping them choose energy efficient appliances, energy efficient windows, air exchange systems, LED lighting solutions, solar electric and many others. If energy efficiency is a priority for you, we can show you solutions with anticipated R-values and payback. Let’s talk about your needs and goals.

Healthy Home

Homeowners have become much more aware of and concerned about the materials used in the place they live, learn, work, and play. Off-gassing is one issue. However, overall air quality is another. That is why air exchange systems (HRV/ERV) are among the top features desired by homeowners.

Placing an emphasis on a healthy home also means choosing non-toxic materials and embracing proper construction and ventilation methods. The OakWood Team can recommend many design elements and environmentally safe materials that eliminate irritants and ensure a healthy, toxin-free home hub.

Safe Home

Our research and direct client experience reveals that security systems are one of the top three Smart Home features desired by home owners. Leading home security systems include wireless surveillance cameras, keyless entry locks and deadbolts, adoption of cloud-based technologies, remote arming of home alarm system.
The increasing desire by our clients to ensure the safety and security of their home is why OakWood offers a comprehensive Safe Home consultation and solutions. This includes several options for deterring break-ins and protecting loved ones. This can be an important consideration when looking at your home holistically as a hub for everything you do.

Give us a call to discuss your safe home needs and a security assessment. Or see our Safe Home services.

Functional and beautiful with OakWood

With our Home as Your Hub approach, you can count on the OakWood Team to provide inspirational design solutions that meet your functional needs while appealing to the visual senses. Your renovated space or custom home will not only look beautiful, it will function perfectly for all that you need it to be.


The Time They Are A Changin’

The pandemic has fundamentally changed how people are using their homes – and plan to use their homes post pandemic. 

Shifts in consumer preferences are defining a trend that OakWood is calling: Your Home is Your Hub for everything you do. It’s a recognition that your home has become much more multi-functional, with multi-use spaces that need to work for how you live, learn, earn, and enjoy in your space.

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