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Luxurious and Unconventional Design Services 

Beautiful designs that often push the boundaries of convention characterize OakWood’s Luxury Design Services.

These services form a distinctive part of OakWood’s portfolio, catering to a select group of discerning clients seeking unrestrained creativity. Clients have the opportunity to collaborate closely with our Design Team to bring forth a remarkable concept design. The Luxury Design package automatically includes premium services, showcasing OakWood’s optional, a-la-carte offerings, characterized by meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled customer service.

OakWood limits the number of Luxury Design Clients each year, given the intensive and highly customized nature of the service. If you’re embarking on a unique project that challenges traditional design norms, we encourage you to inquire about our Luxury Design Service.

No Limits. No Restrictions. Dare to Imagine!

Luxury Design Freedom to explore the possibilities

Freedom to explore the possibilities

OakWood’s Luxury Design Service unleashes the full creativity of our award-winning Design Team by giving your project almost unlimited time, no restrictions and a higher level of attention in a quest to develop a truly unique concept design. You get:

  • Red carpet, VIP treatment from start to finish
  • Automatically includes photo realistic 3D designs (an optional upgrade with our benchmark Concept Design service)
  • Personalized approach with more design time and team collaboration to discern your tastes
  • Unique material selections that support your vision, tastes, and personality 
  • Design concepts that draw inspiration from the high-end fashion world and global trends 
  • And more

An Exclusive Service

For most clients, our Luxury Design Service is unnecessary. That’s because OakWood’s “normal” high quality benchmark service provides award winning design creativity and innovation that most clients expect and want, at a fair price. 

Luxury Design takes that service to another level. Add your own vision and ideas and you have a recipe for unmatched inspiration backed by the freedom to choose one of a kind materials from any supplier in the World. 

Luxury Design, an exclusive service
Luxury Design, High performance solutions

High Performance Solutions

OakWood’s Luxury Design Service is ideal if you’re planning a custom home, major gut-to-the-studs transformational renovation or commercial project and want to create a distinctive space like no other. 

Many of our Clients also choose the most advanced technology and material options available for residential and commercial building projects through our High Performance Solutions. These include options for slashing or eliminating energy costs, living greener, and taking advantage of new Smart Technology and IoT to simplify life.

Get Inspired by the Possibilities!

What Our Clients Say

OakWood’s Suite of Services

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

OakWood specializes in creating innovative and customized solutions for homes and buildings. We help you choose the best products, materials, and technologies based on your preferences.
Home Renovations Services

Renovation Experts

We have the expertise to transform your space, whether it’s your dream kitchen, additions, basements, attic conversions, in-law suites, sunrooms, bathrooms, or any other renovation project.
Custom cabinetry for any room in the home.

Custom Cabinetry

Turnkey custom cabinetry solutions for every room in your home. Our high-quality, customizable solid wood cabinets are built without compromising quality with unlimited design options.
Home Addition Expert

Custom Homes

Since 1956, OakWood has been dedicated to building high-quality custom homes that transform our clients’ visions and dreams into reality. We provide complete end-to-end solutions, managing every aspect.
Home Addition Expert

Home Additions

Expand your living space with OakWood. Our skilled team transforms your home with seamless, high-quality additions, tailored to your specific needs.
Kitchen renovation by OakWood

Kitchen Remodel

Let OakWood transform your kitchen into a functional and beautiful space where luxury and innovation seamlessly blend together.
Commercial Services

Commercial Development

From office spaces to retail establishments, we provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions for commercial projects.
Townhouse for investment opportunity

Investment Properties

We assist homeowners and investors in developing property strategies tailored to their investment goals. We create attractive spaces that maximize rental or lease income.

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