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Sustainability is important to all of us

Not surprisingly we use a lot of wood for many of our Design & Build projects. We want to offset that usage and reduce our carbon footprint by supporting reforestation and restoration initiatives across Canada.

With the OakWood Green Canada Project, we will plant 10 trees for every Home Renovation and Custom Home project we complete for our clients.

Always wanting to do more

OakWood’s owners, the Liptak family, are also personally committed to the protection of our forests – and own a naturally planted 100 acre planted tree farm that will not be developed. 

In fact, they believe so firmly in the importance of all tree planting initiatives that over the years they have personally arranged to have more than 160,000 new trees planted.

Inspired by environmentally conscious friends like Bruce Linton and Steve Cody and their company Ruckify, which is committed to helping the planet, one tree at a time, we want to do even more.

Partnered with Tree Canada

Tree Canada is the leading national tree planting charity in Canada and OakWood is proud to have selected them as our partner for this initiative.

Tree Canada is dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians by planting and nurturing tees while teaching about their value. 

OakWood has specified that all of our trees are to be planted in Ontario. We leave it to our expert partner to assess our provincial situation and decide where in Ontario they should be planted.

To date, Tree Canada has planted over 80 million trees and is involved in reforestation and educational projects across the country.

Your project now makes an even bigger difference

When you choose OakWood as your Design & Build partner, your home project does so much more than improve your life:

  • By planting trees and rebuilding forests, on your behalf, they can store more carbon and reduce our net carbon emissions. 
  • Plus, we invest in reclaiming and repurposing as much as possible through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity – which means anything that is reusable from your project can be donated to support new building and renovation projects for families in need.
  • And through various other partnerships we are proud to recycle as much of your construction debris as possible meaning that working with OakWood helps to ensure that you have greatly reduced the amount that is going to our landfills.

Let’s Get Started

If you are planning any type of Renovation or Custom Home project or simply require some assistance with a smaller home repair project, talk to an OakWood Project Consultant. Your project can make a difference in the lives of everyone for years to come. Let’s get planting.