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State-of-the-art, short or long-term emergency space

OakWood Panic Rooms is a specialized design and build service that uses key innovations in energy, technology, and security to create high-quality, ultra-secure spaces for family members or employees during any emergency.

Forget bunkers and holes in the ground. OakWood brings over 60 years of Design & Build experience to create concealed, luxury safe rooms and mini-fortresses that will withstand home invasions, natural disasters, and anything you can imagine.

“A Panic Room is like an insurance policy. Something you get for maximum peace-of-mind and hope you’ll never have to use.”

– John Liptak, President & CEO, OakWood

Construction options for your panic room

The most cost-effective and best way to build a panic room is during the construction of a new custom home or building. Up to 20 percent of new custom homes now include panic rooms.

OakWood can also create a secure panic room by converting an existing space such as a den, walk-in closet, wine cellar, upstairs bedroom, basement, or storage area or by adding a custom addition with state-of-the-art security systems. Let’s talk about the best option for you.

Customized for your goals

The type of panic room depends on your goals. We can provide a custom design and build solution for an impregnable, short-term emergency safe-room or a longer-term, fully appointed, net-zero condo style facility with air filtration systems, CO2 scrubbers and high-tech systems for maximum protection. Understanding your goals and planning is the key to success.

Short-term panic rooms

Get protection from break-ins or intruders until law enforcement professionals arrive. These can be bulletproof, fire resistant and unbreachable with concealed access. They usually include battery operated alarms, monitored alarm system, fortified steel walls and door, options for storing supplies and valuables, and other features.

Longer-term, luxury safe havens

Our long-term solutions are limited only by your imagination and budget. These can be designed to meet the most stringent safety, emergency and threat protection requirements including natural disasters, bioterrorism, bomb attacks—even nuclear war.

Solutions can include blast-proof Kevlar walls, military grade air filtration systems, heat and cooling systems, emergency equipment and provisions, independent power systems, and much more. This is no survivalist bunker;you get a well-fortified, reinforced, highly secure luxury condo for long-term living.

Design plans are reviewed by specialized security professionals with top security clearance.

Ask about your High Performance options

OakWood specializes in High Performance design and build solutions that reduce energy usage, take advantage of Smart Technology and automation, ensure a healthy toxin-free environment, while using the eco-friendliest products and construction methods in the industry. Solutions can include solar panels, portable military diesel generators, fog screens, blast proof valves and much more. All planning and material selection take place conveniently from the award winning OakWood Design Centre and showroom.

How the OakWood Team will Work with You

Get maximum peace-of-mind working with our specialized experts—from planners and designers to the best trade professionals in the City


We can provide specialized Panic Room experts to assess your home and recommend a modeling solution that meets your needs without looking clinical

Architectural Design

Realistic 3D renderings help you visualize planned changes (or we can work with an Architect or Designer of your choice)

Material Selection

Conveniently choose all materials and any specialized products from our award-winning Design Centre and Showroom

Fixed-Price Contract

Everything is itemized by brand name based on your final material choices and the scope of work—guaranteeing you pay what we quote to the penny

Turnkey Construction

All work is done by clean, specialized OakWood approved trade professionals who will respect your home and do a quality job

Project Management

Get one-point of contact once construction begins ensuring your project stays on-budget and you are kept up-to-date at all times


You get 24/7 access to password protected VIP Client Portal with real-time updates, schedules and all documentation on your project. Workmanship is backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty (optional 3, 5, or 10-years available).

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