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Photo realistic renderings, video, and virtual reality options

Imagine seeing a photo of your completed project before any construction begins. That’s what you get with our optional a-la-carte 3D Architectural Design service. This is ideal and recommended by our Designers for larger, more complex, and higher-end projects where attention to detail is crucial.

Additional design time is charged on an hourly rate to provide you with accurate, photo realistic room-by-room renderings that enable you to visualize exactly what your final project will look like. 3D Design Services are also available with a fixed-price through OakWood Select, our luxury Design Service.

Video walk throughs and flyovers are also valuable for documenting the progress of your project or creating a streetscape context. Just ask!

 Renderings that are so real you’ll think your project is finished!

OakWood’s a-la-carte 3D Architectural Design Service enable you to easily visualize what any structural changes, final material selections, and colours will look like before we lift a hammer.  Great for peace-of-mind – or to get excited about what your home will look like!

3D architectural Design Services also include:


Before and after interactive 3D tours with hot spots


Video flyovers to create a neighborhood context and streetscape


Virtual and augmented reality showing your project in a virtual reality, 3D environment

Jump into the future

OakWood is pioneering leading-edge mixed reality solutions to create a unique Design & Build experience. We are currently working with the best virtual reality solution providers today with the goal of incorporating these into our 3D Architectural Design Services in 2020.  These new services are expected to one or more of the following:

  • Microsoft HoloLens 2 – Microsoft ‘s mixed reality smartglasses 
  • Matterport – turns your project into realistic interactive 3D walkthrough
  • VIVE VR System – a fully immersive virtual reality building platform

Ask us for details on the availability of these leading-edge solutions for a transformative experience. 

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